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James Haskell, Wasps and England International Rugby Player

We don’t have many interviews on here nowadays but when we do, they’re big ones. James Haskell plays for London Wasps and has appeared over 70 times for England. Here he talks a little about Rugby, and gives us some sterling snack recipes. If you’d like to make them vegan, and why not, I’ve put substitute ingredients in brackets. Q: Who was your sporting role model growing up? A: A few people, but probably Lawrence Dallagio from Wasps and Joe Worsley as well, and then globally someone like Muhammad Ali….

LQ Liquid Health Joint Care

As a long distance runner and triathlete, one of the most common questions I’m asked is ‘aren’t you worried about doing your body damage with all that exercise?‘ and to be totally honest, yes I often am as these questions aren’t always unjustified! When running, cycling and swimming we put our bodies, and especially our joints, through a huge deal of punishment and I’ve watched as close friends have had to take breaks, or in some cases give up exercise completely, due to joint related injuries such as joint fatigue and depleted cartilidge. As someone who’d love to keep chasing personal bests for as long…