Brooks Men’s PureGrit 5 Trail Running Shoes


They Say - Feel more connected than ever to the trail beneath your feet. The men’s PureGrit 5 trail-running shoes let your feet lead the way, offering lightweight cushioning and protecting against rocky terrain without sacrificing feel.


We Say - The Pure Grit 5 is the latest 4mm drop lightweight trail shoe from Brooks Running. The first thing you’ll notice when you lace up a pair of these is that they are really comfortable. In fact I’m pretty sure I don’t own any other shoes, running or otherwise, that are this comfortable. You put on the Pure Grit 5 and you really want to go find some trails, right away.

You may not want to head to trails that are too technical, however. I’d say these are great shoes for easy to moderate difficulty surfaces but possibly not your first choice on steep and slippery trails, or in the mud. The hexagonal lugs make easy work of dirt and the rubber covered toe will provide nice protection from small puddles and roots, but personally I’d want a more aggressive lug when conditions get slick.

I’ve put more than 100 miles in total on these shoes and my one concern on a warm weather long race or training run would be that foot swelling might be a possibility. As comfortable as they are, they’re a snug fit. The toe box isn’t the widest, so I’d be concerned about hot spots with even a bit of foot swelling in an ultra marathon. Having said that, I’d still likely trust them as my first choice for a trail 50k, as long as there wasn’t a heat wave. Or better still, I’d order a half or full size larger than my usual size; this seems sound advice for all Brooks shoes that we’re tried here at Trek and Run.

I really like the understated look, especially the muted green trim and the shiny rubber toe covering, and I have to admit, Pure Grit is a pretty cool name for a trail shoe!

These are a light, flexible and comfortable shoe, perfect for most of the dirt trails I train on. They also fare well if I need to run on some roads to get to the trails, giving enough cushioning for short periods on hard/concrete surfaces. Well recommended.

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