Brooks Pure Cadence 5 Road Running Shoes


They Say - Be one with the run in this flexible men’s running shoe that serves up just the right amount of support. A new, lightweight Guide Rail system helps your entire body align with the way it wants to run, BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning dynamically adapts to every step, and Omega Flex Grooves allow for added flexibility as you step. Plus, a rounded heel shifts impact forward to minimize joint stress. Built to keep your body running naturally, these sleek running shoes for men harness the power of 3D Fit Print, applying strategic stretch and structure for an impeccable fit. It’s more than a shoe—each pair is like an extension of your feet.

The size of the Pure Cadence is smaller than its predecessor. We advise you to order 1/2 size larger than your usual size.


We Say - I was excited to get my hands on some Brooks road shoes that weren’t burdened with a 12mm drop (see my review of the Racer ST5) and these Pure Cadence 5 were just the ticket.

A sleek looking shoe that is lightweight and features my preferred heel to midfoot drop of 4mm, they looked and felt great out of the box. I had some weekend long distance training runs scheduled for the following month or so, and was hoping I could jump right in with the Pure Cadence 5 as my main shoe.

The shoe comes with a bit more cushioning than I might choose but they felt good on the road. One early realization I had was, don’t wear really short ankle socks with these. The behind the heel pad is quite high, and as soft and cushioned as it is, it will tend to give you a blister if your socks start sinking under the contact point with the back of your heel. I didn’t have any issues with hot spots there as long as my socks were high enough.

I ran into another issue as well on my first long run (30k)…I kept needing to readjust the tongue as it would quickly slide to one side and compromise the snug fit of the shoe. I checked to ensure that I didn’t miss the loops meant to insert the laces through, but there were none. I was liking these shoes a lot, but it was frustrating to have such a basic design flaw tarnishing my growing fondness for the latest in the Pure Cadence line. I finally sat down and managed a work around by inserting the laces into the air holes in the tongue. These clearly aren’t meant for or well placed for this function, but with a little trial and error it did solve the problem. It was now a bit more difficult to lace them up, but at least the tongue wasn’t moving. With that problem solved, and numerous runs both long and short logged in the Pure Cadence 5′s, it was time for a real test: a 12 hour race.

London Ontario was host to That Dam Hill, which doubled as the Canadian 24 Hour Championships this year. Three of the Trek and Run team were running the 24 hour race, I felt 12 hours was more than enough for me. I arrived with 4 different pairs of shoes in case I started to have issues with blisters and hot spots. 12 hours, one change of socks and 50 miles later, I was still wearing the Brooks Pure Cadence 5 shoes I had started with.


I did have to tape up one toe due to a blister, but that had more to do with 9 straight hours of rain to start the race than anything else. Once I changed my socks and taped the toe, I didn’t feel like I wanted to risk a different pair of shoes because these Brooks were feeling good. I even managed to snag a podium finish in the 12 hour race, grabbing 3rd place overall.

With dozens of hours logged running and even walking in them, and one very rainy 50 mile run, I think I can safely say that these shoes can handle their own. These are now my go-to shoes for the road. Next test…can they get me that sub 4 hour marathon I’ve been gunning for for year, at the Hamilton Marathon in November?

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