Scimitar Sports Retro Range run vest and cycle jersey

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run vest

RRP £24.95

TMNT vest stock

They Say – The Scimitar Sports TMNT Running Vest, designed for secret ninja turtles. Crafted with superior material to a professional standard with your comfort in mind, the Scimitar Sports TMNT Running Vest is perfect for timed events, training runs and even gym sessions. Our exclusive license with Nickelodeon means you won’t get this product anywhere else. What’s more, this premium running vest has been designed to offer you a suite of professional advantages.

Key Features:

  • Designed and created the only way we know how – to the very best of professional standards.
  • The retro, high quality design will help you stand out in competitions and training.
  • Made from a robust 140gsm Aerolite Wicking Fabric, for comfort and dryness.
  • Keep cool and ventilated with breathable side panels.
  • Made from a soft and stretchy fabric, offering a superb range of motion and a comfortable fit.
  • Fade-free design.
  • Quick drying fabric.

TMNT vest MK finish

We Say – As an 80′s kid, and someone who owned an awesome collection of well-played-with Turtles actions toys, I absolutely LOVE this running top! As with all new race clothing I tested this vest during a few training runs to ensure it felt comfortable enough for an endurance event, and despite a slightly different feel to the running gear I usually train in (it was still 100% Polyester but this was possibly due to the Aerolite Wicking Fabric) I found it lightweight and comfortable and I didn’t experience any skin irritation. As promised the vest is also incredibly breathable, again due to the specialist materials used and an airy netting-style knit, and although the vest wasn’t tight against my skin I found it did a great job of wicking sweat and keeping me comfortable.

My first long-distance test was during the 2016 Brighton Marathon and as an event which attracts over 10,000 participants and hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the route, I wanted to ensure I’d stand out from the other runners making it easier for my partner and daughter to spot me. Little did I know Brighton would be invaded by turtles that day as Scimitar Sports were at the Brighton Marathon Expo so during the race it was as if a herd of Mutant Turtles had taken over the seafront! Aside from that slight flaw in my plan, the vest gained loads of attention and as you can see in my video of the event (, I was encouraged with cheers of ‘Go on the turtle’ throughout the course from children and adults which really gave me a boost – especially in the later miles when I started to tire and needed all the encouragement I could get. My family were still able to spot me, and whenever I passed (or was passed by) a fellow chelonian throughout the race, we gave each other support and encouragement – as if we were running as our own separate ‘Team Turtle’.

I wore the vest again a few weeks later at the Milton Keynes Marathon and although it didn’t receive as much attention as it had during Brighton (and despite plenty of fancy dress I noticed I was the only turtle!), I still received a few shouts of encouragement including ‘go on the dinosaur’ from an elderly lady – although that may be due to the way I carry my hands like a T-Rex while running…

The retro design gave me a huge smile when I first saw it on Scimitar’s website as it brought back memories of my childhood, and I like to think it did the same for some of the people who were shouting out encouragement throughout the course. With an RRP of just under £25 the vest isn’t cheap, but for that price you’re receiving a great quality vest and the ability to stand out from the crowd, turtle invasions aside, with a product which is guaranteed to make you, and your supporters, grin nostalgically.

TMNT vest Brighton finish


Um Bongo cycle jersey

RRP £39.95

Um Bongo Jersey stock


They Say – They drink it in the Congo! Introducing the Scimitar Sports Um Bongo Cycling Jersey. This bestseller offers a truly retro brand, while still offering the professional cycling perks and top quality you’ve come to expect from the Scimitar brand. Crafted with superior material and with ultimate comfort in mind, the Scimitar Sports Um Bongo Cycle Jersey is a number one hit, from hobbyists through to professionals. What’s more, the fade-free print ensures your Um Bongo jersey maintains that funky retro look all year round!

Key Features:

  • Scimitar cycle jerseys are developed to the very highest quality.
  • A retro, professional design will ensure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Fully licensed products guarantees exclusivity.
  • Lightweight & breathable.
  • Zipped valuables pocket for security in transit.
  • Fade-free printing.
  • Quick drying material.
  • Silicone waist gripper for a flawless on-bike fit.

Um Bongo Jersey cycle ride

We Say – When cycling, especially in a busy city such as London, maintaining visibility to other road users is of paramount importance and what better way to achieve this than by wearing a bright, multi-coloured cycle jersey featuring various jungle animals and tropical fruits! As with the TMNT run vest, the design of this jersey is absolutely brilliant and it provides an awesome nostalgia trip back to my childhood when the Um Bongo theme tune would appear on telly almost every single advert break. Here’s a link to the advert on YouTube in case you’ve never been lucky enough to hear it: .

The colours are bright and vivid, and the manufacturer’s ‘fade-free’ promise holds true as the jersey has been through the wash a few times now yet the design is just as bright as the first time I wore it. The jersey features 3 elasticated pockets deep enough to comfortably hold spare inner-tubes, food, a waterproof jacket or even a few cartons of Um Bongo, although it was disappointing to note the jersey doesn’t actually feature a rear zipped pocket despite mention of one in the item’s description.

Um Bongo Jersey London

While the front zip is shorter than other cycle jerseys I own, it opens enough to be comfortable and material around the zip ensures it doesn’t dig into skin when un-zipped. I also found the vest was lightweight with separate material panels under the arms ensuring it was breathable, a vital feature with the past few weeks of scorching heat we’ve had here in England, and the thick silicone gripper on the waist worked perfectly to ensure the jersey didn’t ride up when pushing hard – even during some pretty heavy spin and RPM classes at my local gym. Admittedly this jersey received a few funny looks the first time I wore it to a club cycle session but these were looks of surprise rather than shock, and during the ride one of my club-mates commented how great the design was and asked where he could see the range. At just shy of £40 you are paying a premium for the design, however in my opinion the jersey is well worth the money and I’m confident it’ll go the distance as I increase my cycle training in preparation for my first Full Distance triathlon next year!

To find out more about Scimitar’s standard and retro range of sports clothing, visit: and use code WELCOME15 to receive 15% off your first order over £30!

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