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The Helly Hansen wheeled trolley bag is customized for the demanding traveler who wants convenient storage with great quality and a sporty look. This 90-liter bag is the perfect luggage solution for extended trips.


  • Hard wearing
  • Extendable handle
  • Compression straps
  • Name tag holder
  • Durable, low friction wheels
  • Internal pockets
  • HH and Helly Hansen logo

We Say – I got this bag first and foremost because of it’s unique look. I like to be able to pick my luggage out easily, whether it be from the airport carousel or from the rack underneath a bus, and the bright stripey look of this bag was something I didn’t recall ever coming across before. I also like the look of the bag, it’s got a retro 70′s feel to it that I enjoy.

I’ve now used it for 6 flights – 4 trans Atlantic and 2 European – and a 1 month backpacking trip and it’s still looking great. I was worried that the white coloured material might start to show the dirt but that hasn’t been the case. At least, the dirt hasn’t stayed there. The material is easy to clean so on occasion when the journey has left the bag a little dirty it was an easy matter to get a wet cloth and wipe it away.

The handles and wheels are very sturdy. My average journey – on foot, dragging the case behind me – between hotel and train or bus station has been half hour. That’s along the pavements of London and Toronto and the cobbles of Athens. The bag looks and feels fine still. This is no surprise to me. Helly Hansen gear is always built to last and since this bag is built to withstand baggage handlers as well as the weather I did expect it to be as hard wearing as it is. No problems there at all.

The compression straps add security as well as keeping your belongings from rattling around. Again, like the wheels and handle, the straps are made from durable plastic that doesn’t look in any danger of breaking.

Now I’m not travelling for a while the bag sits in the corner acting as storage space for travel clothes and gear (I live in a small apartment with limited space to store bags and other travel kit). It doesn’t look anywhere near as impermanent or bad as a regular suitcase would in this situation, the sporty appearance is very cool and there’s a huge amount of room inside.

My trips this year have all been sports and general tourism focused (rather than hiking trips which would require me to take my rucksack) and this bag has been perfect for that. It’s roomy, sturdy and it looks great (which I like and which is nice when you’re arriving at a decent hotel) and I thouroughly recommend it.

To discover more please see http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/hh-duffel-trolley-90l-68045/?t_type=src&COLOR=689%20EVENING%20BLUE&t_type=cat

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