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As a long distance runner and triathlete, one of the most common questions I’m asked is ‘aren’t you worried about doing your body damage with all that exercise?‘ and to be totally honest, yes I often am as these questions aren’t always unjustified!

When running, cycling and swimming we put our bodies, and especially our joints, through a huge deal of punishment and I’ve watched as close friends have had to take breaks, or in some cases give up exercise completely, due to joint related injuries such as joint fatigue and depleted cartilidge. As someone who’d love to keep chasing personal bests for as long as possible I try to do all I can to ensure my joints will hold my body together and keep me functioning until I’ve completed my first Ironman Triathlon and achieved membership of the 100 Marathon club and beyond… 

Of course the best possible way to do this is stay a healthy weight and maintain a diet rich in foods with anti-inflammatory effects, but products such as LQ Joint care offer a helping hand with ingredients such as Glucosamine, cherry and ginger – known anti-inflammatories - and lychee, copper and vitamin C each offering various benefits for athletes. At first glance the liquid reminded me of ale but with a slightly thicker consistency and it had a strange smell to it (not quite the seafood smell my mind told me to expect, but still slightly unpleasant and which actually reminded me of fake tan!) however on drinking it I was surprised to find it didn’t taste that bad! The ingredients list includes marine collagen and fish cartilage so admittedly I’d had the pre-conception it would taste like blended fish, however the root ginger, cherry and lychee gave it a pleasant flavour and while I still wouldn’t quite describe the taste as amazing, it was palatable and over the next few weeks drinking it became part of my normal daily morning routine. 


I decided to trial the product over a 3 month period which included some of my heaviest events, the Rome, Brighton and Milton Keynes Marathons, as well as a heavy increase in my swimming and cycling training schedule as I trained for the Outlaw and Challenge Denmark middle distance triathlons. While I’ll admit my testing wasn’t exactly scientific as I continued to watch what I ate including a diet rich in berries and Chia, I’m pleased to report I managed to remain injury free through-out the 3 month period and I only felt minor pain and the expected discomfort in my muscles throughout the events (let’s face it – if this product stopped Marathons from hurting then it’d be worth a fortune!). It’s also worth noting that I managed to pick up a few long distance personal bests along the way in Half Marathon, Marathon and Middle Distance Triathlon distances, and I found my recovery times were much lower than usual allowing me to complete the 3 Marathons within a 4 week period and still get out for a 6 mile recovery run across the North Downs just 2 days after the 3rd Marathon! 
At £24.99 for 10 x 50ml bottles I’ll admit this product is quite expensive and many will possibly doubt whether the benefits outweigh the costs, but over my trial period I felt it gave me a bit more confidence about what I was putting my body and joints through, and while I wouldn’t recommend this product as a daily supplement (a year supply would cost a staggering £912!) I think if you’re planning a number of high-impact events within a short period of time it’s worth giving this product a try. 
To find out more about LQ Liquid Heath care visit http://www.lqliquidhealth.com/product/lq-joint-care/

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