Teko Compression, Marathon and Hiking Socks

We use Teko not just because they produce excellent socks but because their Eco-Commitment is second to none, in our opinion. They understand, and admit, that it’s not possible to produce a product without using natural resources, and so work hard to reduce their impact on the world at every stage of production. They also pay their suppliers well, charge a fair price for their socks and have a number of other decent initiatives that you can read about Here. We respect and admire their ethics, and we believe all companies should be like this. If you like being in the outside world and want to help preserve it, we believe you need to be buying from companies like Teko.  


Compression Socks

They Say - The Teko Graduated Compression socks are perfectly designed for running, cycling and CrossFit to enhance calf muscle stability and blood circulation. The sock fibre is extremely soft, light and durable. It evaporates moisture and dries very quickly keeping your skin dry, comfortable and blister-free.  Made of regenerated polyamide from post-consumer waste.

Teko Compression sock features;

  • Graduated level 2 compression
  • Luxurious ultrafine microfibers dry and evaporate moisture quickly
  • Teko’s Evapor8 microfiber regulates your temperature
  • Anatomical fit – smooth, seamless and snug


We Say – Many people use compression socks for recovery after races, but since I have a bad varicose vein on one leg I wear them during races just to help ease the pain and ensure nothing particularly bad happens (like a burst vein). I’ve been wearing them since the start of this running season and so far I have had 5 races.

In 4 of those races I broke my Personal Best time for the distance (the races varied from 5km to marathon) and qualified for the Boston Marathon, and the 5th race I won. It was a 10k race in Athens, the finish line photo is above.

The temperature was around 26 degrees that morning yet I felt very comfy in my clothes. The socks gave me no trouble at all, no blisters, no bunching up inside my shoes, they weren’t noticable at all. Which is what you want when you race, clothes that you don’t notice, that don’t impede on your performance at all. 

As well as winning that race in Athens I ran for a week in the mountains of Greece. The temperature was around the mid 20′s each day, and I would be out for 6 or 7 hours, covering about 20 or 30 kms. The socks helped me complete these distances, I’m sure, by keeping my calf muscles steady so as to lessen the bouncing around/exhaustion as well as helping keep the blood flow strong, and when I had to wade through undergrowth/brambles they helped protect me. 


Some compression socks I’ve had fall apart after a handfull of uses, the stress of pulling them on is hard on their seams I guess. Not so these Teko socks, which are still excellent after 2 months of heavy wear.

I like these socks and think that they’re truly a great investment for any runner. Trail or road, 5km or ultra marathon, they’ve helped me cope with them all.

To discover more, please see http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-running/products/teko-graduated-compression-socks-1


Marathon Socks

They Say - If distance running is your thing, then this is the sock for you. The Teko Marathon sock is made from an amazing smooth and soft microfibre that is super-breathable helping to manage moisture and provide excellent evaporation. This sock will keep your foot dry and blister-free. With long distance running in mind we designed the Marathon sock with full cushion under the whole foot and around the heel to provide unparalleled comfort mile after mile.

A Teko performance sock with Super-Cushion and anatomical fit. Luxurious ultrafine microfibres wick moisture from the foot and dry quickly making this sock ideal for longer distance running and hot, humid conditions. A sock with seamless, snug fit for perfect comfort. Teko’s Evapor8 socks are made from 100% post-consumer regenerated polyamide.

Teko marathon running sock features;

  • Luxurious ultrafine microfibres dries and evaporates moisture quickly
  • Evapor8 fibre regulates your temperature
  • Seamless toe
  • Anatomical Y-heel
  • Achilles Wrap System
  • Highly breathable
  • Super cushion under the whole of the foot and heel
  • Teko lifetime guarantee against fault of manufacture

VIRB Picture

We Say - There’s little to say about this sock that the Teko marketing didn’t already highlight. Only that, I agree with it all. This is a very comfy, long distance road running sock. I love the ultrafine feel of it too. I’ve worn it for several marathon distance runs and never felt anything less than comfortable and well protected. I personally prefer the Teko Compression Sock because of my varicose veins but if you’ve no issues with your legs and want to feel more uncovered and exposed to the elements, which is a lovely way to run in my opinion, then this is an excellent option. The Teko lifetime guarantee is also a sure sign that the company believes in the quality of this sock. Check it out.  

To discover more, please see http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-running/products/teko-marathon-super-cushion-minicrew-socks


Light Hiking Sock

They Say - The Teko Merino Crew Light Hiking Socks feature a mid-calf height so they fit great with walking shoes or any three season hiking boot. With a lightweight thickness under the foot you benefit from cushioning, comfort and wicking properties without too much bulk. Perfect for walking and hiking in the spring, summer and autumn months.

A lightweight unisex hiking sock with impeccable environmental credentials. This classic-construction design provides an active, outdoor fit that stays put, featuring seamless toes, an arch brace, articulated y-heel and comfortable double cuff, in quick-wicking merino wool. Pure and natural M3RINO.XC comes from South America. Extra-durable, shrink resistant wool comes with Teko’s lifetime guarantee.

Teko Hiking Sock features;

  • Superfine Merino wool fibres dry & evaporate moisture quickly
  • Our M3RINO.XC fibre regulates your temperature
  • Perfect for walking and hiking in moderate or mild conditions
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Lightweight cushion ideal for trail shoes and lightweight fabric boots
  • Seamless toe and anatomical Y-heel
  • Elasticated arch support
  • Teko lifetime guarantee against fault of manufacture


We Say – This sock has been tested in the warm weather mountains of Greece. Lots of scree and boulders to contend with, and I was wearing a brand new pair of boots too, so if conditions were ripe for blisters, it was there!

But I got no blisters at all after a week of fairly intensive walking. Occasionally, to cover distance on flat forest footpaths, I’d break into a jog for a few kms and was pleased to see that the socks coped well with the increased sweat and rubbing that running in hiking boots creates. 

They’re a hiking sock yet I could also wear them out socially as I didn’t feel they made me too hot. I tend to get hot all over if my feet overheat, so wearing regular hiking socks isn’t an option for me whilst sightseeing in warmer countries. But I feel that with this sock Teko have created something sturdy and light that can protect you well yet help keep you cool. 

To discover more please see http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/teko-merino-light-hiking-socks-light-cushion-crew-height

And to read more about Teko’s eco commitment, see here http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/pages/teko-s-eco-commitment

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