Double Barrel Insulated Coffee / Beer Mug

Double Barrel-500ml_Silver Express_with lid

They Say - Insulated, distinctive, strong. The DOUBLE BARREL stainless steel mug will be your traveling buddy for any drink.  Coffee, tea, cola, or stout all stay the way they started when you pour them into the Eco Vessel Double Barrel Beer Mug with Lid. This stainless steel mug is fashioned like a beer barrel but isn’t just for carbonated hops and malt. Hot coffee stays hot and cold suds stay cold, and you won’t wear either with the open/close slider lid.

  • Two layers of premium #304 stainless steel
  • Insulated for both hot and cold drinks
  • No BPA, No phthalates, No liners
  • Top with open/close slider
  • 16 fl.oz./ 500 ml
  • 3.25 in wide by 5.25 in tall



We Say – We love this mug, for so many reasons. Firstly, because the marketing is accurate; whatever you pour into it, hot or cold, stays that way for a very long time indeed.

For testing reasons, I poured a hot tea into it and closed the lid. 3 hours later it was still warm. Then I did the same with water filled with chunks of ice. 3 hours later, the ice was still visible in the water. So that shows that the insulation properties are very effective.

I then used it at a BBQ, to hold cold beers. Obviously the beer didn’t hang around for 3 hours in this instance so it didn’t have to keep it cold for hours on end, but I did notice a few other plus points.

1/ The lid makes it easy to drink and not spill down your shirt, and also it stops bugs from getting in your drink.

2/ The handle makes it easy to hold for a long time without putting down as you’re not holding a cold, wide glass but a easy to grip, neutral temperature handle.

3/ When you do put it down and you knock it over by mistake – fairly common for me at BBQ’s after a couple of drinks – the lid prevents you from loosing too much beer.

Here’s another photo showing the mug without it’s lid.


I also like the fact that I now have one drinking mug that suits multiple purposes (I enjoy cutting down on clutter in my life so if I can have one item to do the job of many, that’s a good thing for me). It seems to be well made too, and not about to fall apart anytime soon.

I’m very enthusiastic about this Eco Vessel Double Barrel Insulated Coffee/Beer Mug, it’s going to be a constant in my life throughout the summer. I 100% recommend you check it out.

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