Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint sunglasses


They Say…Engineered for runners facing direct sunlight and the harsh light reflected off asphalt during their run. By reducing distracting high frequency light and minimizing eye fatigue, this lens relaxes your eyes and your body to enhance your run. 
Direct sunlight and the harsh light reflected off asphalt is tiring and damaging to the eyes and body. Enhances the spectrum of red light and omits blue light. This results in reduced harsh reflective light and more relaxing light to enhance your run. 
Engineered specifically for road surfaces 
Cut down the harsh reflected brightness on the road 
Relax your eyes and your body. Enhances your run 
The Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint shifts from 13% visual light transmission to a 49.7% based on available light. 


We Say…This may seem a strange suggestion, but when it comes to racing in a sunny climate decent sunglasses can have a big effect on the quality of your race. I’ve tested glasses from cheaper brands and spent most of the race wiping condensation from inside the lens and I’ll never race a triathlon without my trusty Oakley’s, however when I heard about Transitions Optical’s collaboration with Nike and the anti-glare and transitions technology the lenses featured I knew they’d be perfect for my upcoming trip to Italy for the Rome Marathon. 
On arrival in Rome the weather was 25 degrees Celsius on a glorious sunny day, so as soon as we stepped off the plane I had the ideal opportunity to put the glasses through their paces. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight they were, yet how solid they felt. I have a bad habit of sitting on glasses or allowing them to be crushed in travelling bags, but I felt confident these would be safe even with my clumsy nature. 
I used them throughout our first few days sightseeing and found them very comfortable. We spent the days leading up to the race visiting various churches, fountains, ruins and all the amazing sights of Rome and whereas with most sunglasses I’d take my glasses off when stepping inside a building or checking my phone, the transition effect worked so well that most of the time I was happy to keep them on. I also noticed a lack of glare, despite the fierce Italian sun, which was great considering a number of the sights we visited such as the Forum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St Peter’s Square and so on… were outside. 
Race day arrived and I’ll admit I’m not a fan of running in sunnier climes as I’ve overheated and fallen apart during many a sunny race, however I’ve learnt wearing a hat and sunglasses can trick your brain into thinking it isn’t as hot as it actually is, and this was definitely the case in Rome! As you can see in my race video - – there was barely a cloud in the sky throughout most of the race and the temperate hit 17 degrees as I finished, but I handled the weather fine despite the streaks of salt on my face showing just how much I’d sweated out during the run! 
Throughout most of the marathon route I encountered a few underpasses but none of which were long enough to allow or even require the glasses to transition, however as we reached the end of the race we entered one long tunnel where the glasses reacted perfectly making them clear and allowing me to see where I was going, which was vital as this point coincided with one of Rome’s messy water-stops where hazardous bottles were strewn across the road! Finally, as I crossed the finish line I suffered a minor panic when, as the sunglasses were so lightweight, my marathon-mangled brain thought I’d lost them only to realise they were still on my face! 
Overall these glasses are a great choice for a serious runner or for someone planning to visit a sunny climate (or even lucky enough to live in one!) but worried about how much effect the weather may have on their race. 
Nike sunglasses are available with Transitions tints in a number of styles to suit golf, outdoors and running – visit to learn more! 

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