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They Say - Change the way your body is nourished with fermented supplements – highly absorbable, proven formulas that strengthen gut health and amplify your nutrition.

Nourish More! It isn’t easy to nourish your body in todays’ world: changes in agriculture, soil erosion, and the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers have rendered our food less nutritious than it once was. Even the healthiest foods today have been diminished from the state nature intended! What if you could take a variety of the healthiest foods: vegetable, fruits, clean proteins sources, beneficial fats and even superfoods and make them even MORE nourishing? Well, we did just that!

Digest More! Nutrition is all about what you get out of it – literally! Your food is only as good as how the body utilizes it. Our digestive system is designed to efficiently process foods through a series of physical mechanisms and chemical catalysts. Unfortunately, this is compromised for many people, with as many as 20 million Canadians suffering from digestive disorders every year. This is where fermentation makes a huge difference: when foods have been fermented, they have primed for optimum digestion!

Absorb More! Your gut lining is the gate-keeper for nourishment! A healthy intestinal mucosa allows for an efficient flow of nutrients to be delivered to organs and tissues throughout the body. In essence: it defines what shall, and what shall not pass into the bloodstream from the foods we eat. But – just as our food supply has been compromised – factors have played a role in reducing the integrity of our gut health: poor dietary choices, over-use of antibiotics and sanitizing cleaners are all parts of our culture that reduces gut flora.


We Say – I’ve tried out several products from this Genuine Health fermented vegan protein+ range this month. On the surface I’m happy with them all although there’s a couple of important points to make before I get into the good stuff. 

Firstly, I think that over the course of only a month there’s little I can do other than give it all a taste test. Which is fair enough, taste is important. There are no fitness hacks that I know of in real life that actually work if you’re interested in your long term as well as your short term health, you’re going to need at least 3 or 4 months of very hard work, and that includes work on your diet, to experience real, lasting, beneficial change. 

Secondly, as an all round athlete and not one purely concentrating on getting that perfect beach body, and as somebody who is interested in current scientific thinking on health and fitness, I’m not at all convinced that the average person should be too bothered with monitoring their protein intake everyday. I’ll expand on that though, as I do think that there are some people who are exceptions.

Firstly though, the taste tests. I tried out 2 of the protein bars, which look like this;


I expected them to be encased in chocolate – as many protein bars are – and was pleased to find they weren’t. Instead they were smooth and soft in texture, with subtle flavours. They were also just moist enough. I ate them after gym sessions as I was on the bus to work  and both times I had no water with me yet didn’t suffer from the bars sticking in my throat, or being hard to ‘get down’. I enjoyed the tastes, the lemon was especially refreshing, both that I tried were excellent though, and both held off my hunger for an hour or so until I could get some more substantial food inside me.

The second product I tested was the Fermented Vegan Protein + powder. That comes in 3 varieties; Vanilla, Chocolate and Unflavoured.


The Unflavoured powder was exactly that; I would use this if I already enjoyed the flavour of my shake or smoothie and simply wanted to up it’s protein content. I tried half of the sachet in a glass with just water, and half with a banana smoothie. The glass with just water didn’t taste of anything and I wouldn’t recommend taking this powder like that. The banana smoothie didn’t change it’s flavour though, or it’s texture, so that’s how I’d take this unflavoured powder in the future, if I were to favour it over the other flavours (which I don’t think I would).

The Chocolate flavour was very tasty, but the Vanilla is my favourite, it’s exceptional.


Whatever I add this too, even to my smoothies that are full of greens (I really don’t enjoy the taste of greens in a smoothie), it makes the drink taste way better. I’d go so far as to say that even if I didn’t believe this powder was actually doing me good, I’d still add it to my smoothies for it’s flavour alone.

I think most of us will be aware that the old ‘are you getting enough protein’ phrase is outdated and irrelevant for many. If anything, we could all do with concentrating on our fibre intake. But for an average person, if they’re eating well – and by well I mean nutritious food such as plenty of pulses, beans and nuts rather than just lots of junk – then there should be little or no protein deficiency issue.

Yet recently my exercise routine has become much more intense than it has been and when that happens then perhaps yes, one might look into increasing protein intake. I go to the gym for 2 hours twice a week before work and on the other days I do my age in push ups (48) and run to work, which is 28kms. After I get to work I am on my feet for 8 hours and being pretty active, often lifting boxes that are generally around 20kg. So I’d say that most days is similar to doing a Spartan race, what with all the lifting and the 28k distance. I’ve been doing this for 3 months and after 2 months I began to feel like perhaps I needed to supplement my protein intake just a little. A scoop of this, which provides an additional 20g of protein to my daily intake, seems to be helping as now I can handle everything (not easily, but I can do it).

And of course it’s vegan which should be relevant to all of us who love nature, and running or exercising outdoors and who want to avoid being involved with animal agriculture, which is the biggest source of greenhouse gases, way above anything produced by motorized transport.

It’s hard to be sure, you know, what health product works and what doesn’t if you’ve only been using it for a month, as I have this. It’s also hard to isolate what part of your lifestyle is working for you and what is neutral, or working against you, as there are so many potential variations. Is this food working? Is this exercise beneficial or not? Unless you subject yourself to a controlled scientific study, or you stop doing something and it’s absence has a marked effect (for instance, when I stopped drinking milk my throat and sinuses became unclogged within days) it’s mostly all just guesswork.

So what I can say is that I’m vegan, I eat 3 regular meals consisting mainly of lentils, brown rice, spinach, other salad and nuts, and I manage to get through a 120km running week and a heavy, manual job, plus all the weight sessions, with generally just 1 day off from exercising and I’m feeling great. My recovery is as good as it’s ever been and I don’t generally go into any exercise session feeling fatigued, except on day 5 or 6 of my week when I sometimes do feel the need for the rest day (it doesn’t stop me training, I just feel the previous days work in my legs, that’s all).

Also my gut and general health seems to be excellent. It’s the end of winter here in Canada and many people around me are suffering from colds that tend to last a week or more. For me, if I catch the colds at all, they last 2 days at most, which points to the fact that my immune system, which is all tied up with gut health, it strong.

So I’d say definitely give this product consideration. Personally, I’m going to continue using it as long as my exercise routine is as intense as it is now (it’ll probably get more intense actually as we move into the running season). It’s tasty, it’s vegan and if your gut health or protein intake is lacking in something then maybe this can help.

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