Outwell Shearwater L Coolbag

71-4B-7F-70-93-DD-57-48-15-92-EE-42-F6-6F-99-38They Say – Our Shearwater L is a quality cooling bag, ideal for country walks, picnics and fun days at the beach. The top lid open fully for easy packing and access and there is smaller side and front pockets for handy storage of picnic items. The bag has a convenient adjustable shoulder strap and a voluminous compartment with attachment points for the double layer mesh dividers that can hold Ice Blocks.


We Say – This cool bag is ideal for easy days out. I’m happy to carry it a few hundred metres from transport – car, canoe, bus – to picnic site, it’s comfy enough on the shoulder for that, although bear in mind it is a cool bag and not meant to be carried too far. For picnics in the park or by the sea though, it’s perfect.

As you can see in the photo above it’s spacey with room for a basic 4-piece dining set plus all the food you’re likely to need (the only thing I never kept in it due to space considerations was the bread and cakes, which didn’t need to be kept cool anyhow).

The ice blocks that Outwell make are huge and have helped to keep everything cool for up to 6 hours, which is fine I need for a day out. I think another main reason why the interior of the bag can stay cool for long periods of time is the way the lid opens 2 ways. By unzipping the whole lid, and by opening a flap in one corner, making it possible to take things out without opening the whole lid and letting the warmth of the day into the bag.



A perfect bag for a family outing or a couple with plenty of space for wine as well as food. It’s sturdy too – I started using is in the spring of 2015, over 8 months ago, and it hasn’t suffered any noticeable damage – and looks good, well worth the investment.

To discover more, please visit http://www.outwell.com/en/Products/CoolboxesCoolbags/Coolbags/ShearwaterL.aspx

and for the ice blocks, please see http://www.outwell.com/en/Products/CoolboxesCoolbags/Coolboxes/IceBlockM.aspx

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