MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set



The Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set is our most comprehensive set of tools for outdoor cooking. A releasable webbing handle makes the protective zippered case easy to hang anywhere and inside, two generous mesh pockets replace old-school elastic loops that tend to limit versatility, stretch-out and lose their grip over time. You’ll find innovations such as our combination pot strainer/cheese grater, moisture-resistant salt and pepper shaker, folding cutting board, stainless steel Utility Knife and more.

100% BPA-Free Materials

Folding Spoon, Spatula and Strainer/Grater: Spoon is calibrated for common measurements, Strainer doubles and cheese grater and Spatula has serrated edge.

Alpine Salt & Pepper Shaker: Design is moisture resistant and holds plenty.

Alpine Dish Brush /Scraper: Nonstick friendly pot cleaner with edge radius to match cookware.

Alpine Kitchen Knife: 4.5″ Santoku-styled knife in a ventilated, plastic sheath is made from 440-series high-carbon stainless steel.

PackTowl® Dish Towel: The original travel towel absorbs four times its weight in water–over and over–dries fast and is built to survive years of abuse.

Deluxe case: Zippered, semi-rigid case with two large zippered mesh pockets for maximum versatility.

Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board: Strong, hinged design for durability and portability.

Plus: (2) squeeze bottles, Bottle opener/corkscrew.


We Say – This kitchen set is a must have for all outdoors people. It’s well thought out with everything the average, and not so average, camper might need; I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it’s always served me perfectly.

At one point last year I had left my lodgings and was on the road for an extended period of time and I was so used to using it, and so satisfied with it, that when I did finally move into a house again I continued to use this in my kitchen for a few months, such was it’s usefulness.

The knife keeps it’s edge excellently and when it does need sharpening, it regains it’s blade well.

The bottles fasten tightly and don’t let the olive oil and dishwashing fluid leak. Likewise the spice holder – the salt and pepper stays where it’s meant to be and doesn’t get damp either if exposed to periods of bad weather (which was often when I was canoe camping and the sea and estuary mists would roll in).

The dish scraper is effective as long as you do the dishes soon after you use them, and don’t wait until the next morning because you can’t bear to tear yourself away from the campfire (a problem I often had in the early days of camping).

The spatula, spoon and grater/strainer are all plastic and that may lead you to think they might have a limited life span. But nothing from this kit has broken, even after what has amounted to 6 months of constant backpacking use and that couple of months in the house I spoke of. So I can say it’s all very sturdy, made to last. I like that the grater is a useful pot strainer too, perfect for emptying the water out after the pasta has boiled.

Finally, the case is just the right size; the utensils don’t rattle around but equally, it’s not hard to fit them all back into the case when you’re packing up camp.

I can’t recommend this cooking kit highly enough, do check it out -

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