Gore Mythos Race Kit


They Say – MYTHOS 6.0 Shirt – Very breathable running shirt, light and airy next to the skin with large mesh inserts. Many reflectors for high visibility in poor light conditions.


  • Flat-lock seams
  • Reflective print on sides
  • Reflective print on shoulders
  • Mesh inserts for better ventilation
  • Reflective logo on front
  • Flat-lock seams with reflective print


Mythos Race Shorts

Minimalist lightweight. Running shorts for the ambitious athlete with reflectors and a small zip pocket on the back. Great freedom of movement thanks to optimized cut and elastic material.


  • Zip pocket on back
  • Reflective print on hem
  • Reflective print on sides
  • Shifted seams for less chafing
  • Inseam length 21 cm / 8 inches
  • Adjustable elastic waistband with flat cord
  • Reflective logo on side


We Say – The first time I put this kit on was for the Endure 24 Hour event in the summer of 2015. It was a warm day and we started to run at midday. I was running the solo event and knew from previous 24 hour races that I had to pay careful attention to my running kit to give me a chance of doing my best.

I have run in Gore kit for a couple of years and know it to be good. It’s excellently made and it does what it claims to. So, my strategy was this. I’d wear this lightweight green kit for the first 8 or 9 hours, when it was warm and I needed to get some solid miles under my belt to build a base for the evening stretch. Then I’d switch to a Gore compression top, as my core began to tire and needed support. Then, at 8 or 9am, I’d see how I was doing and take it from there. If I was in with a chance of doing really well I’d keep the compression top on and really go for it, and if not, I’d chance back to this green top and poodle around enjoying the feeling of having run all night and into the day.

I got a fair few shout-outs as I came into the central HQ area after each lap, I became known among the race staff and other competitors as The Green Man. I hadn’t thought about the colour before but there’s not many kits that are this bright shade of green. I got it because it fitted with my love of nature, but this side effect was really welcome. It’s great to get some cheery shout outs every hour or so when you’re running a long event solo, it really has a positive mental effect.


By the time darkness was falling, after 9 hours of constant running, I wasn’t chaffing at all. The kit had kept me cool (the mesh inserts in the top really do work well) and comfy and allowed me to get on with the running rather than worrying about the possibilities of chaffing effecting my performance. Then as planned, I changed into the Gore compression top and headed off into the night.

I was really pleased with my running that day. I did 120 miles (that’s 20 more than I’ve ever done before in a 24 hour event) and got 3rd place, here’s me at the finish line, still wearing the Mythos shorts that had kept me comfy for the previous 23 hours, but with the compression top which I’d felt was needed to support me as I became wearier.


I went on to use this Gore Mythos kit in many races. It’s ideal, and very comfy, for everything up to 50 miles, for me. After that sort of distance though I start to tire and need more core support, hence the compression top I used in Endure 24.

Like all Gore product the kit is well made, it’s 7 months old now and still looking and feeling good after numerous hard uses and washes.

I’d say this Mythos kit is well recommended, check the top out Here - http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/gore-running-wear/men/shirts/mythos-6-0-shirt/SMYTHM.html?cgid=grw-men&prefn1=parentActivityType&prefn2=productFamily&dwvar_SMYTHM_color=7235&start=2&prefv1=Road%20Running&prefv2=MYTHOS

and the shorts Here - http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/gore-running-wear/men/shorts-tights-pants/mythos-race-shorts/TMYTHR.html?dwvar_TMYTHR_color=0800&cgid=grw-men&prefn1=parentActivityType&prefn2=productFamily&navid=search&start=1&prefv1=Road%20Running&prefv2=MYTHOS

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