Outwell Bamboo Dinner Set 4-person and Mug


They Say - The Bamboo Dinner Set and mug is made from biodegradable bamboo! Campers can enjoy this unusual choice of eco-friendly material while dining on the selection of plates, bowls and mugs.


We SayWhat a fantastic idea, a decent looking dinner set and range of mugs, in a choice of colours (I got the blue but there’s also white and green available) that will go back into the earth and decompose easily when you’ve finished with them (which, judging by their sturdy feel, might not be for a few years).



I’ve been using them when I’m out camping with family and friends. They pack down well, as you can see in the photo at the top of the page, and fit into one half of my cool box easily.

The individual units feel like a lightweight cross between pottery and plastic. It’s a pleasant feel, and I do enjoy eating my dinner off them. Usually when we’re in camp we might use plastic plates, or paper ones, or, quite often, we forget those as they’re not enjoyable objects to use or think about, in which case, we end up using whatever we have (plastic bags, paper) to hold our food. But these plates, bowls and cups add to the enjoyment of the meal, for me, so they’ve now worked their way into my regular camp kit and come with me whenever I’m camping out of my car or canoe. 



They wash up easily and after 4 months of regular use haven’t marked up or stained at all. I’ve also never felt like they were in danger of cracking, or breaking at all. I wasn’t sure about that, you see, having never used bamboo plates or cups before. But they’ve turned out to be very solid indeed. They’re well made, for sure. 

In another review, for a sleeping bag, that I wrote this week I berated the producers of the down that fills some bags as I feel that down is unethically farmed. Much of that down, it has to be said, is farmed in China, a country that’s got a reputation for producing unethical goods that are cheap for us but costly for animals and the wider world. But credit where it’s due; this bamboo dinner set is produced in China and yet it’s a great example of how businesses should be moving towards thinking nowadays. Bamboo grows easily and quickly and needs no pesticides, so that means there’s no run off into the local water supply (run off pollutes water, killing fish and people’s livelihoods). The process to turn it into products is a relatively sustainable one. And when the product is used up and thrown away, it doesn’t just sit there and use up landfill space but instead it’ll return to and hopefully enrich the soil which buries it. 

So all things considered, I think that this bamboo dinner set is a must for all campers and nature lovers.

For more information, please see the mug here - http://www.outwell.com/en/Products/Accessories/TablewareMelamine/VacuumBambooMugBlue.aspx

And the Dinner Set here - http://www.outwell.com/en/Products/Accessories/TablewareMelamine/BambooDinnerSet4personsBlue.aspx

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