Activbod Sore No More Anti Friction Cream

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They Say - Prevent friction with our grapeseed oil infused chamois cream, formulated to minimise rubbing during exercise. Soothe and moisturise the skin with sweet almond oil and shea butter. Cooling menthol and calendula oil make this a little tube of miracles!

Why sore no more?

When exercising people often suffer from friction and chaffing, this cream helps to prevent that making exercise more comfortable.

Features and benefits:-

Grapeseed oil has a light texture and gives the skin a silky feel helping to prevent rubbing.

Shea butter is renowned for improving comfort in dry and damaged skin.

Calendula oil is known for its healing and soothing abilities, it is also anti-inflammatory.

Allantoin helps to moisturise and soothe skin.

With natural ingredients.

Made in England.No parabens, no SL(E)S, no MIT

We Say – I wore this Sore No More cream for last weeks Toronto 50km trail running event. I put it onto my toes, heels, groin, underarms and nipples pre event (usually I would use Vaseline) and found it smeared on well, leaving no residue on my fingers. And most importantly, I didn’t feel any sign at all of chaffing during the event, and had no red marks at all afterwards.

So that’s a win.

Also, the cream is free from parabens and GM ingredients, is suitable for vegans (so that means it contains no animals products) and Activbod promise never to test their products on animals, which we think is great.

So that’s a double win.

Don’t bother with Vaseline any more, this is better.

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