Reebok All Terrain Super 2.0 OCR shoes


They Say – Quick, slick and rugged, the All Terrain Super is a versatile race ready masterpiece. Terrain Skin, drainage ports and rope guards make it tougher than tough and light on the run. Not convinced? Let the water, mud, ropes and walls prove how great this shoe is for you.

•Terrain Skin panels and DuraGrip toe box offer lightweight seam free protection

•Low-cut with a thin CMEVA foam midsole for a quick stable gait and soft feel

•Second Skin tongue and H20 Drain sidewall ports prevent water build up

•Antimicrobial linings ward off odours while midfoot teeth grip ropes

•Unites smooth rubber and square lugs for 360 traction and an easy to clean sole

•Sticky rubber sole and underfoot Rock Guard add resilience and grip


We Say – Schadenfreude, the practice of deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune, is common at obstacle races. It’s the reason most spectators crowd around obstacles involving electrocution, and why supporters cheer people attempting monkey bars while secretly hoping they’ll slip halfway and plunge into the pool of muddy water underneath. As terrible as that may sound, I’m also guilty of this trait when I see people struggling to climb muddy slopes wearing road trainers…

Let’s face it… you wouldn’t run a marathon in wellies or climb Kilimanjaro in high heels, so why on Earth don’t people wear the correct type of shoes during obstacle based events?!

I can understand people avoiding trail shoes as they tend to be clunky, heavy and seriously awkward to swim across a lake in, but if you really want the perfect shoe for the job you need something which has been specifically designed for the task at hand, and this is where Reebok’s All Terrain shoes promise to do the job. Although this sounds like a tough claim considering the variety of obstacles you’re likely to face during a typical OCR event, it’s worth remembering these shoes have been designed specifically for the challenges you’re likely to face. Design features include thick square lugs that ensure great grip even in the muddiest conditions and H20 Drain sidewall ports which allow water to drain quickly as you emerge from a lake or ditch, and even individual obstacles have been considered with special grips within the arch of the shoe to assist when completing that all important rope climb. The shoes are also incredibly lightweight weighing in at 240g for the men’s size 10 I tested, and made from a flexible plastic material which is tough and durable, yet still comfortable.

To check if these shoes lived up to the claims Reebok were making I tested them during a few of the obstacle races we covered late in the 2015 season. Their first outing was during the UK South Spartan Super – a 10.5 mile incredibly tough course which involved a number of muddy ditches and uphill climbs – and the shoes performed brilliantly throughout. One particular obstacle found us lugging plastic buckets filled with gravel up a steep muddy slope and while most people struggled, the thick lugs helped me to dig deep and power up the bank. Admittedly the shoes didn’t save me from my own stupidity when I sped round a muddy corner and kicked out my own legs (resulting in a lovely purple OCR battle scar!) but without a doubt the shoes helped at various points during the race including smashing the 25ft rope climb!

A week later we tacked the Spartan Beast, and 13 miles of mud and hills, which would’ve been hell without the grip and comfort offered by these trainers, flew by! It’s also worth mentioning that due to the design and materials used, cleaning the shoes post-event was nice and easy and after a quick hose and scrub they looked as good as new.


My final test of the season came during the Commando Series event at Hever Castle. Although the course was very different from your typical Spartan event with obstacles including a suspended rope river crossing, abseil down a muddy bank and 30m high slippery slope climb, the excellent grip offered by the shoes again reduced the challenge making the obstacles seem much easier.


If you enjoy slipping backwards down slopes and making races much harder than they need to be, stick with your road shoes during obstacle races. But if you want to make OCR events that little bit easier and much more enjoyable, these shoes really are an essential piece of kit and I can’t wait to use them again in 2016!

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