Helly Hansen Travel Chinos and Match Polo


We at Trek and Run use Helly Hansen gear often, partly because it very high quality kit, and partly because the company has an excellent ethical policy. We especially like their wording here;

“We explicitly ban the use of real fur, mulesing of sheep and the practice of picking down from living birds.”

We’d like to see them go further and ban the use of down from dead birds, such as those used and abused by the Foie Gras industry (which is where many outdoors companies buy their down from) but this is a great start and one that we feel should be backed by buying their product and letting them know that the company’s ethical stance is a major reason why you’re supporting them.

If you’d like to see the full Helly Hansen ethical statement, and we advise it as it makes good, positive reading, it’s here - http://www.hellyhansen.com/about-us/code-of-conduct


They Say - Classic Helly Hansen cotton chinos for men. Beautifully fitting and comfortable summer trousers with unique Helly Hansen detailing and features. The chinos come in a wide range of colours to match your wardrobe.


  • Helly Hansen logo embroidery on center back belt loop
  • Belt loops
  • 2 back welt pockets
  • Slant hip pockets
  • Zipped front fly with HH® button top closure
  • Garment washed
  • Inseam 32″
  • Regular fit


We Say – I knew these Chinos would be hardwearing, they’re Helly Hansen, after all. I knew they’d be comfy and stylish, for the same reason. I’ve experience with the Helly brand and they’ve always given more than a gentle nod towards fashion and comfort as well as being fit for the outdoors and general travel experience.

But what was unknown to me was how the light colour would fare whilst travelling. It’s good to look bright and clean when on the road in other than a typically backpacker location – such as this year when I’ve been travelling through England and North America, spending as much time in hotels and houses as in hostels and campgrounds – but beige and white colours are usually good for one wear, and one wear only, before the stains and miles start to show. 

I’ve been careful with these trousers, sure, especially when eating and drinking stuff that’s notorious for staining such as red wine and pasta, but so far they’re have kept their appearance. They don’t pick up stains at the slightest invitation – I even wore them to a family dinner last night where ample curry was served on paper plates that had to rest on my lap – and after 4 months of wear they’re still looking bright and new. 

I recommend if you’re looking for a hardwearing, practical yet timelessly stylish pair of trousers that’ll serve you for anything from business lunches to museum visits and city tours then these chinos are a great deal.

To discover more about the Chinos, please see http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/hh-chinos-54134/?t_type=src&COLOR=078%20HH%20KHAKI&t_type=cat#view=main



They Say – Inspired by the Helly Hansen racing team this cotton pique polo with race inspired design will give you a stylish and sporty look on your sailing and yachting adventures. Cut for ease of movement with raglan sleeves and moved sideseams.


  • Cotton pique 200 g/m²
  • Double layer self fabric collar
  • Raglan sleeves for freedom of movement
  • Placket with Helly Hansen rubber button closure
  • Contrast piping inside neck
  • Sideseams moved towards front for comfort and ease of movement
  • Printed Helly Hansen logo on sleeve
  • Printed HH® at center back
  • Fitted


We Say – I could repeat here everything I’ve just written for the chinos. What attracted me to this polo was it’s bright look. So often I’ve been out there for weeks in the mountains or deserts and then come back into the city absolutely exhausted and wanted nothing more than a shower and a pair of bright, clean comfy clothes to change into that’ll allow me to lounge around pretending I’m T E Lawrence or Wilfred Thesiger.

But instead I have to pull on crumpled, stained stuff that make me look and feel more like the dirty backpacker I mostly have been. I know, I know, what can you do. 

Seriously, the mental effects of hard travel do have to be addressed, and sprucing yourself up and going out in decent company to a gentle restaurant or bar, is a great way of doing that. If I’m dressed shabby I feel shabby. If I’m looking smart I feel like I’m starting afresh, all ready to digest the old adventure and start planning a new one. And clothes like this polo have helped me feel good and start to recover and relax.

So I’ve been wearing this polo in conjunction with the chinos and like the chinos it’s also resisted the stains and multiple washes to the extent that it’s still got it shape and brightness after a summer of wear. This is no small thing. It’s so easy for white clothes to loose their shine, because of the way they’re washed, or the environment they’re used in. Ok, I’ve not spilt anything down the shirt so can’t say if red wine is going to wash out without a trace but can attest to the fact that if you treat it carefully this shirt will have you looking bright and cheery for a long time to come. 

To discover  more about the Polo, please see http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/hp-match-polo-54217/?t_type=src&COLOR=964%20CHARCOAL&t_type=cat

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