Saucony Nomad TR Trail Shoes – AW15

They Say – The Nomad TR is the newest member of the RUN ANYWHERE line. Featuring a PWRTRAC outsole engineered to adapt to various terrain types, the Nomad TR offers excellent traction and durability.

A new semi- oblique toe last shape and 1-piece upper construction provides a sock-like fit and feel. The Pro-Lock fit technology on the upper working with the Flex-Film will ensure your foot is nice and secure. Protection is key for any Trail shoe, with POWERGRID cushioning and a Super-tacky PWRTRAC rubber this will give you all the protection required. The Nomad TR is a perfect shoe

Top Features of the Saucony Nomad TR Shoes (AW15)


  • 1-piece upper construction creates supportive sock-like feel
  • New oblique toe last for more natural foot shape
  • Pro-Lock lacing system enhances midfoot support and fit
  • FlexFilm no-sew overlays add support without adding weight
  • RUNDRY collar lining


  • POWERGRID insert in heel provides extra cushion


  • Super-tacky PWRTRAC rubber provides 3x better traction than standard rubber
  • Siped forefoot pods adapt to terrain enhancing balance

Shoe Weight: 261g

Drop: 4mm – 4mm Drop Shoes with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset deliver a more natural ride, letting your feet and body do more work while relying less on the shoes cushioning stability features.

FlexFilm A strong, lightweight material is melded to the upper, which allows for fewer layers in the shoe. The result is a seamless, flexible feel.

PowerGrid A strong, lightweight material is melded to the upper, which allows for fewer layers in the shoe. The result is a seamless, flexible feel.


We Say – My first impression of these shoes were that I loved the colour and design! I’d received the red/black/orange style which reminded me of a pool of lava and gave a feeling of pure power and aggression – not exactly how I run, but I can dream…

The PWRTRAC sole is definitely unique with Saucony opting for a diamond pattern rather than your standard trail lugs, and I was interested to see how this faired on some of the multi-terrain courses I regularly tackle where the course switches from grass to mud to pathways – especially with the manufacturers claim how it provides “3 x better traction than standard rubber”.


When I first tried on the shoes I’ll admit the shoe’s ‘oblique’ toe box seemed narrower than trail shoes I’ve worn previously which caused blister concerns, but when I tried them on the shape meant the shoes really did fit brilliantly and felt amazingly comfortable.

The flat laces felt secure once tied and although some may complain the laces are quite short, I feel this is a bonus on a trail shoe making them less likely to come undone. It’s also worth emphasising just how comfortable these shoes are as trail shoes tend to substitute comfort for sturdiness, however the POWERGRID heel insert and 1-piece upper construction meant these had both in abundance.

My first test of how the shoes faired on trails was strangely enough at a 5km Run or Dye colour run! The event centred around Hever Castle’s grounds with the route consisting of gravel paths, grass, mud and a few slippery bridges. Despite the fact it’d rained overnight, the shoes coped brilliantly and felt stable throughout, and I was also impressed that even though I’d finished the event coated head to toe in coloured paint, after a quick shower and scrub, the shoes (and I) looked as good as new.



My local parkrun offered a chance to test these over a multi-terrain course as the 5km distance manages to squeeze in a range of ever changing surfaces including concrete paths, mud and gravel (one of the reasons it was once described as one of the toughest parkruns in the UK!) but the majority of the course consisted of damp grass due to recent poor weather. It’s usually difficult to choose the correct shoes for this type of course as road shoes slip and slide on damp grass while trail shoes are painful on concrete (not to mention the injury risk as each stride sends shudders through your legs), however the Sauconys handled the course perfectly and even the transition between running surfaces felt seamless and comfortable – so much so that I ran my best time on the course in a while!

Finally, I decided to test the comfort of the shoes over a long distance race during Purple Patch’s Water of Life half Marathon. This race involved pavements, trails and quite a few slippery bridges, but again the shoes felt secure and the padding meant my feet still felt great as we passed through the final miles. Before this race I’d worried about the 4mm heel drop as although Saucony describes how this ‘stack difference allows the runner to facilitate a natural running movement’ I’m used to shoes with a bigger drop to encourage forefoot striking, however my running style didn’t seem to be affected though this may have been where I was paying extra attention to ensure I avoided heel striking.

I’ll admit I’m a shoe hoarder with trainers for all different race conditions (cushioned shoes for Marathons, lugged shoes for cross country, lightweight shoes for short road-races, etc…) but these shoes have definitely filled a gap for a great trainer suitable for trails and multi-terrain courses. Admittedly the sole design means I’ll have to stick with big lugs for the muddier courses, but for everything else involving trails or mixed terrain I’ll be glad to have these in my collection.

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