Robens Turbo Boiler Pot


They Say – The Turbo Boiler Pot has a heat exchange system to increase efficiency, a see-through lid with built-in strainer and removable Neoprene sleeve to keep food hot and protect fingers from the heat. A folding handle minimises pack size.


We Say – I wasn’t prepared for how quick this pot can help water boil as no other pot I’ve owned has ever performed so well. Usually, with the same MSR stove that I used with this pot, I’ve boiled a litre of water in 5 or 6 minutes. With this pot the same amount of water boils in less than 2 minutes. That’s impressive, especially when you’ve just set up camp in the rain and you want a hot drink. Less waiting equals a happy camper (and less stove fuel used).


The Neoprene insulation sleeve comes in very handy when I’m making a 2-pot/pan meal on my 1 burner stove. I can boil the rice or pasta, then take it off the stove a few minutes before it’s done and just leave it to continue cooking with it’s own heat whilst I prepare the sauce. The sauce usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes and by then the rice or pasta is completely done and ready to mix.


The lid fits tightly, locking into place when the tab is pressed down, and has that strainer so there’s no accidents when you go to drain the cooking water out (how many times has the steam burnt me with other pots and I’ve let go of the lid momentarily and had my pasta spew out all over the ground!) and the Neoprene sleeve does indeed protect you from the hot pan and allows you to steady it by hand if you need to as you’re pouring out the waste water.

The pan cleans up nicely without the use of soap – as long as you clean it straight after using it – and after 3 extended camping trips this summer it hasn’t suffered any visible deterioration.

The only downside of the pot, when used with the sort of stove that I have (the MSR lightweight stoves are great but not too adjustable; the burner is either on full or it’s off, there’s no real medium power setting), is that if you’re not very attentive when cooking pasta or rice the pot gets so hot that the food will stick to the bottom of the pan. If you’ve a stove that gives you great control over the burner power though, this is not an issue.

All things considered, this is a very effective pan.

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