BLOC California Sunglasses

CALIFORNIA-X500_2They Say - The new California modeled on the classic Scorpion, the sleek contours and cutting edge technology ensure the California excels in all environments.


We Say – My regular running sunglasses are the BLOC Titan, which you can see a review of here. They’re my favourites due to their flexibility – you can change the lens to suit the lighting situation. However, these California glasses are my second choice and have come in useful on occasion when I’ve wanted quality running sunglasses that will also look good in everyday situations (which is pretty often). For instance, when I’m running an event that’s far from home, in a scenic place, that I want to enjoy afterwards as a tourist. Or when I’m travelling overseas for an event and don’t want to be carrying more in my hand luggage than I need to. Do I want to be taking along several pairs of sunglasses on the trip? Not really. Far better to have a pair that’s going to be great for running in and also just as good for sightseeing in.

The lens offer near total coverage – I can’t see out of the sides or tops when I’m wearing them, and only a little out of the bottom. They’re also dark, so perfect for keeping out the bright sun but I’ve also found that they adapt well as you pass into deep, dark forest. When you’re trail running this happens frequently.


At times like this, if you’re wearing inferior glasses, you’ll likely have to take them off and carry them in order to see properly and avoid the debris/tree roots. But with these Bloc California glasses I’ve been able to keep them on whatever the tree coverage, as long as I concentrate, and so far haven’t had any falls or ankle twists.


They’re lightweight, they cling to the head well (so don’t bounce around at all when I run) and they’re relatively robust. After a summer of racing they’re still unmarked and the side hinges seem as strong as they were when new. Add to this the good looks and I reckon that BLOC have made another winner here.

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