Gore Running Urban Run 2.0 Shirt and 2in1 8” Shorts

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Urban Run 2.0 Shirt Ruby

Running long-sleeves shirt with merino wool for the urban fitness runner. Cool look, soft touch and high comfort next to the skin set standards during the cool morning run in the city.


  • Side zip pocket
  • Reflective tape at hem
  • Ventilation holes under the armpits
  • Media pocket with cable outlet
  • Reflective print on back
  • Sleeve hem with thumbhole
  • Mesh inserts for better ventilation

Discover more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/URBAN-RUN-2.0-Shirt-long/SURBAL,default,pd.html?dwvar_SURBAL_color=2800&start=2&cgid=grw&q=Urban%20Run%202%2e0%20Shirt&navid=search


Urban Run 2in1 Shorts 8”

Trend-setter. Baggy running shorts for the urban fitness runner. Cool look, lightweight and stretchy; they set a trend designed with extremely lightweight and stretchy inner tights. Inseam length 21 cm (8 inches).


  • 2 front pockets
  • Reflective print on side
  • Stretch material for more freedom of movement
  • Partial mesh inserts for better ventilation
  • Inseam length 21 cm / 8 inches
  • Elastic, width-adjustable waistband with cord
  • Fixed inner tights
  • Zip pocket on back

Discover more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/URBAN-RUN-2in1-Shorts-8%22/TURUNS,default,pd.html?dwvar_TURUNS_color=2300&start=1&cgid=grw&q=Urban%20Run%202in1%20Shorts%208%E2%80%9D%20Black&navid=search


We Say – This outfit is mainly aimed at the commuter runner, the sort of person who’s going to be jogging to and from their inner city workplace. Consequently it’s designed primarily to withstand the early – or late – cool, to look presentable and to keep the runner comfortable and safe on short runs.

It achieves all this, in my opinion, as expected (Gore kit is always top quality), although I do think the appearance of the top could have been improved with the addition of a loose, polo-like collar.

The shirt has a good weight which is a slight drawback if you’re using it whilst running longer distances – I got hot and sweaty after a couple of miles on a 20 degree day – but a plus if you want your clothes to hang right and not look cheap. A decent shirt needs a bit of weight in it if it’s to look good quality and as good as it can do on you, and this shirt has that weight.

A big plus, if you’re running short distances and then going into a social situation – be it getting on the train or meeting mates for a drink – is that the shirt dries out quickly. I had very visible sweat patches over my chest and stomach upon returning from a run one day yet this is how I looked fifteen minutes later, after I’d warmed down and stretched out (the shirt didn’t smell at this time here either, the ventilation holes under the arms must have done their job well as I ran).


The front pockets of the shorts are deep enough to function as real pockets, and the zipped back pocket is large enough to hold keys securely. Another simple feature that I appreciated was that the waist cord was knotted sufficiently so that it wasn’t in danger of disappearing back into the waistband, which is so often the case with shorts. Their look is perfect too, they’re sporty yet casual and smart, covering every base I can think of.

I did try to use this outfit whilst trail running, it’s not made for that but I thought I’d see how it fared.


It was ok but really, the top is too heavy and heat inducing for hard running, as I’ve said, and the short’s inner tights can work effectively as underwear only over a short distance. Three miles on trails at an easy pace was fine for me but more than that and I began to feel the early signs of chaffing. If you had a choice you wouldn’t want to wear this kit for anything other than what it was designed for, unless you added a pair of Gore underwear and it’s a cool day.

So, in summing up. this outfit is perfect for urban running. It’s stylish, it feels comfortable (and expensive) against the skin, there’s the shirt’s media pocket with cable outlet (my MP3 player didn’t jump around as I ran, another benefit of the heavy material) and a certain amount of reflective detail that’s going to help alert traffic to your presence. If you’re running from train or bus to work over a couple of miles, or perhaps trying to combine a jog into town with shopping or socializing, it’s definitely a quality outfit that’s well worth considering.

To see the shirt online, please visit http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/URBAN-RUN-2.0-Shirt-long/SURBAL,default,pd.html?dwvar_SURBAL_color=2800&start=2&cgid=grw&q=Urban%20Run%202%2e0%20Shirt&navid=search

And to see the shorts online, please visit http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/URBAN-RUN-2in1-Shorts-8%22/TURUNS,default,pd.html?dwvar_TURUNS_color=2300&start=1&cgid=grw&q=Urban%20Run%202in1%20Shorts%208%E2%80%9D%20Black&navid=search

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