Hi-Tec Classic 74 Shoe


They Say - The Hi-Tec Classic 74 is a modern take on an old Hi-Tec favourite – the Squash Classic which has been around since 1974 and is still loved by fans around the world.

These stylish men’s trainers feature a premium brown leather upper and the old Hi-Tec logo on the tongue, giving them a real retro feel. The Vibram outsole offers great grip and durability while the spongy OrthoLite insole and moisture wicking lining will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Designed in Britain, the Classic 74 shoe combines comfort with fashion and looks great with a pair of jeans. So whether you’re heading out shopping or off down the pub, you can be comfortable in style.


We Say – Regular readers will know that we’re usually interested in how a training shoe performs first of all, and if it looks good as well then that’s a bonus. But with this Classic 74 trainer it was different. Maybe it’s because I remember this style from the 70′s and felt a pang of nostalgia upon seeing them but from the moment I clicked on the Hi-Tec website I thought, yes, these Old Skool trainers look incredibly cool and although I’m very far from being a Fashionista, I want them!


Regular readers will also know that we try to promote eco-friendly shoes that are vegan where possible. These are leather so not at all vegan. I’m usually a committed vegan but man, these shoes just touched a part of me that made me forget myself. You might call me a hypocrite, and you’d be right I guess. But on the plus side, I’m a hypocrite with some damn fine shoes, and whilst that wouldn’t usually sit well with me this time around it’s just fine…


Ok, if by chance you don’t care for the slick, retro design of these shoes (really? I just can’t believe it…) then you’ll be wanting to know how they perform.

How’s the grip? Well, with their Vibram sole they’re not going to be anything else than up to standard. Vibram have been a world leader in soles for years and nothing has changed in that respect. I’ve negotiated the town centre several times without slipping or tripping once (you don’t honestly think I’m going to mess up the look of my trainers by wearing them off road do you!!?), even after a few drinks (these are great evening shoes; as the marketing says, they go well with a pair of jeans or cargo trousers). The sole, or any other part of the shoe, doesn’t mark up easily either; mine are still looking sharp after three weeks on the town.

DSC_0059 (2)

What about the feel of them? I’m happy to wear them all day. They’re low to the ground yet supportive, and comfortable.

Could you actually do any sport in them? Yes, gym work, and of course the tennis or squash that they were originally made for, that sort of thing. If you’re into the ‘Born To Run’ vibe and want to get back to the BN (Before Nike) world of a purer, largely unsupported style of running then you could for sure take on some 5 or 10km runs in them too, as long as you’re ready for running in near zero-drop shoes.

Personally though, even though I’m a great believer in owning kit that can multi-task, I’m content with using these shoes purely about town. They’re comfy, they’ve got street cred among those who can recognize timeless style (and frankly, who else matters) and the 70′s flashbacks they induce make me smile, think of long warm summers and a time when Leeds United were good, every time I put them on.

To discover more about this shoe, please see - http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/classic-74-mens-casual-shoe-brown-bamboo.html

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