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Cargo Pants – Pants for travel and everyday wear. These robust travel pants are characterised by their robust organic cotton fabric and subtle herringbone pattern. They feature a straight cut and seven pockets.

  • Organic cotton
  • Robust and soft
  • Multiple pockets
  • Regular fit
  • Number of pockets: 7
  • Weight: 500 g (size 50)
  • Robust ORGANIC COTTON HERRINGBONE fabric with a herringbone pattern
  • Two side pockets, two back pockets, two leg pockets, coin pocket
  • Classic cut with straight leg (regular fit)
  • Waistband slightly higher at the back (regular waist)

To discover more, please see http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk/product-variation?pid=1502251-6033046#


Dynamic Hollow Longsleeve Top

This extremely lightweight, fast-drying long-sleeved top is stretchy and perfectly suited for use as the bottom layer in a layering system. The hollow-fibre material will keep you warm even when damp and is slightly cooling when temperatures rise. Moisture is quickly wicked away from the skin to the exterior. The fabric is also odour-inhibiting.

  • (Year-round) base layer for alpine trips
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Stretchy
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Odour-inhibiting
  • Regular fit
  • Weight: 190 g (size L)
  • Flat seams

To discover more please see http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk/product-variation?pid=1803381-6000004#


We Say – I needed a hard wearing pair of travel trousers for this summer and these Jack Wolfskin Cargo Pants looked ideal. Made from soft, organic cotton and with that herringbone pattern I figured they’d work well whatever the situation, from plane travel to restaurants to general sightseeing to hill walking, and that has proved to be the case.


The herringbone pattern isn’t immediately apparent from distance. It’s very far from an in-your-face feature and more of a subtle, classy weave that appears when you’re up close, giving the trousers an aura of gravitas. These are quality trousers, it suggests, solidly made and with attention to detail.

The fact that they’re made from organic cotton is important for me. It’s not always possible to buy clothes from manufacturers who try to work in harmony with the environment (such clothes might not be available, or they might be too expensive) but for those of us who love the outdoors and want to preserve it’s qualities it’s important to take the opportunity to buy these clothes when they are available. And Jack Wolfskin have made it easy for us here; not only are these trousers good for the environment, they look and feel great as well and on top of that, they’re a very reasonable price. Regular price is £75 but they’re almost half that now online at just £39. The regular price is good value for a pair of trousers made this well out of organic materials but with the discount it’s a superb deal.

DSC_0051 (2)

The side pockets are deep and secure. When I travel I keep my passport and tickets in there and although the first time I did this I was thinking about the possibility of loss constantly I learnt to trust the closure button on the pocket and now do this regularly as having my documents there is more convenient that having a money belt under my clothes. The trouser material is also heavy enough to prevent stuff in the pockets – such as the documents or loose change – from swinging about and rattling as I’m walking.

Final points to note are that the trousers feel solidly made – I’m expecting them to last five to ten years or more – are roomy and of a good length. As you can see in the photos they reach my shoes but don’t touch the floor, therefore ensuring that the bottoms of the trouser don’t get frayed by contact with the ground.

The Dynamic Hollow Longsleeve Top is an excellent four season choice. It’s warm enough to cope with autumn through winter into spring with ease as a single base layer on warmer days, or under a fleece and outer jacket when it’s colder. As somebody who has experience of both a British winter and a Canadian winter I’d say this top would be suitable for both, you’d just add one or two more layers for the Canadian winter of course.

It’ll serve you in summer if you’re heading north, or living in cooler climates. I was in the Isle of Man for a week this July where it barely got above 15 degrees C and this top was all I had to wear under a raincoat to feel comfortable, even on the hills when the wind chill brought the temperature down to around 10 degrees.

I’ve also used it as my main layer, under a rain jacket, on a recent 3 day canoeing trip. It handled the exertion of paddling for 3 or 4 hours each day as well as making and breaking camp – I don’t remember feeling sweaty or too cold – and didn’t smell after 3 days on the estuary.


As I write this I’m sat outside on a typical south-east England summer’s day (grey, cloudy, 17 degrees, windy) and this top feels perfect. My plan for the day was to write in the morning then head out food shopping in the afternoon followed by an evening gym session, all of which I can do in this same top. Cuts down on fuss, and on washing.

It’s very lightweight and fits in my carry on luggage easily (I try to travel without hold luggage whenever possible to cut down on waiting time at airports), screwing up into a small ball and then unraveling again when I get to where I’m going without any need for an iron to get it looking presentable.

Coming away from the gym on days when I’ve sweated hard but haven’t showered is a test for the bacteria resisting element of any top but this one handles it well and is good for wear the next day, and the next. Three days wear is what I generally get from it, so I can confirm that the odour-inhibiting quality works as Jack Wolfskin state it does.

DSC_0048 (2)

Like the trousers, the top was originally a fair price (£55) but now it’s in the sale it’s a very good deal, just £35 if you buy online.

Overall I’m impressed with both these Jack Wolfskin items and would recommend you go online to check them out. They’re great kit – this is a brand I’ve been using for years so know they’re made with quality materials to last a long time – and in the current sale they’re amazing value.

For the trousers, look here - http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk/product-variation?pid=1502251-6033046#

And for the top, look here - http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk/product-variation?pid=1803381-6000004#

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