Anatom Sandwood MemoryFit Men’s Adventure Sandals




Recently I’ve been living in these Anatom sandals. My recent races – 3 Ultra marathons ranging from 60 miles to 120 miles and more recently a 7 ultra marathon in 7 days challenge – have been hard on my feet, tearing off my toenails or turning them black, bruising my soles and breaking the skin to the point where I felt I had to let fresh air get to them at every available opportunity.


Wearing the sandals has allowed me, I believe, to heal faster. Whether I’ve worn them in the back garden (above), around the house, in the car or on the beach (below) I’ve always found them comfortable (I don’t feel the stones or debris underfoot and the thong doesn’t rub or hurt in between my toes) and easy to move about in.


They’re also vegan (so no animals have been harmed in the making of them, which is important to me), they look great, they seem to be very hard wearing and they’re also a bargain at just under £20. I’ve used Anatom boots and trekking poles before and have always found them to be well crafted and good value, and these sandals are the same, I recommend them.

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