Bloc Eyewear Titan 4 Lens System

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They Say - The Titan, from the mountain to the ocean and anything in between!! All box sets include clear, orange & HDL lenses in addition to the featured lens.


  • XTR Karbon8, Grey Polarised. This Cat 3 optical Class One lens provides Maximum protection against UVA/UVB and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Distortion free and impact resistant. Tested to BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013 A high protection lens more suited for bright conditions. (Lifestyle and sport)


  • KARBON TXâ„¢ bi-core injected frames are hand finished. They are flexible, durable, lightweight and designed for comfort, fit and performance. The sports hinge provides both strength and performance. The fully adjustable hypoallergenic nose pads and the non-slip hypoallergenic temple tips are designed for comfort and fit.


  • TTF adjustable nose/pads
  • Sports hinges
  • Easy, quick change lens system
  • Lightweight BX1000 core injected temple tips
  • Suitable for medium to large faces
  • Anti Glare Polarised lenses (P630S single lens system)

We Say – I have used Bloc’s ‘Stealth’ sports glasses for a couple of years and have learnt to trust them, they never slip off or fog up and they handle the transition from sunny field to shady forest excellently (and that is a transition that happens quickly and often when you’re trail running). So when I got these new ‘Titan’ glasses out of the box and saw, and felt, that they were similar to the ‘Stealth’ glasses I had no hesitation in wearing them out on some pretty serious runs.

First up came a 130 mile unsupported trail run around Kent, which took me 37 hours in total. The fact I took these Titan glasses along with me does indicate the sort of confidence I have in Bloc Eyewear – when you’re out on a 37 hour run and you’ve no backup (I didn’t even take enough money with me to catch the train home if things went wrong) you can’t afford to be using kit that has the slightest chance of letting you down. I was pretty sure these wouldn’t let me down though and true to previous Bloc form, they didn’t.


Next up came my trip to the Isle of Man. Here I had to complete an ultra marathon every day for 7 days. It was a tough task and again, I was relying on my kit being sturdy and up to the job. These glasses didn’t disappoint.

What I mean by that is that no matter the weather, they felt comfy. If it was hot, and it was at times, they didn’t slip around when my ears/nose got sweaty…


VIRB Picture

…and on the days when the clouds came and went their main lens’s dealt with the light changes well.


By ‘main lens’s’ I mean the darker lens that the glasses come fitted with that work well on bright days. There are also 3 other sets of lens supplied with the glasses that can be easily fixed into the frames.


The clear lens are best for very overcast days or even at night if you’re riding your bike or running fast and don’t want bugs or whatever to fly into your eyes. The orange are more for the start or end of the day, when light is low. In these conditions the orange lens act to amplify the light and help you see better. The purple lens are similar to the orange although I’d say they were most use if you’re running or biking through low light conditions on brighter days, so, in a forest, as their tint will help you viewing the contrast in blue and green light. I’ve not used them for this as I never just run in a forest, at least half of my runs are always outside so I just use the standard lens which I find to be excellent for all conditions faced so far.

Another few points to note are;

1/ The lens provide excellent, all round coverage, protecting the eyes from the top, bottom and sides.

2/The frames are very sturdy and don’t feel like they might break if I inadvertently sit on them (which I do a fair bit when I’m tired and they’re in a pocket and I forget about them as I slump to the ground).

3/ They’re supplied with a decent case so they’re easy to travel with and the extra sets of lens have a place to ‘live’.

So, these are my new favorite sports glasses. I run, so perhaps if you’re a cyclist you might want a more specialized pair of glasses which will allow you to see more out of the bottom (such as Bloc’s ‘Bronx’ glasses, which we’ll review soon) but for runners, triathletes and most other sportspeople i know of (canoeists, golfers, hikers) then I reckon these Titan glasses are a sound investment.

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