Robens Prima Core 9cm Air Mattress


They Say – Prima Core is a new compact airbed that features an insulating layer of PrimaLoft® bonded to the top inner surface of the tubes for optimum performance. The airbed has a sturdy push/lock valve for easy inflation/deflation.


We Say – This Robens air mattress is, at 780g, a little heavier than my previous lightweight camping matresses and that was of concern to me at first as I planned, on most journeys this summer, to have to carry it in my backpack all day. A few hundred grams of extra weight might not sound much but if you’re as careless with every piece of kit you carry then it all adds up to a weight that counts, so you do have to be careful about such things. But having used the mattress now several times I’ll say that in this case, the little bit of extra weight is worth it.

On two occasions it’s been vital I get sleep. They were the nights before big endurance races and I just could not afford not to rest. Sometimes I do have trouble sleeping in the tent if it’s not as comfy as the bed I’ve been recently used to, especially on the first night of any camping trip, before my body adjusts. But this mattress is almost like one of those huge air mattresses that you’d only be able to carry in a car, it feels so deep and comfy, and it’s wide enough so that my arms don’t fall off and give me any impression of not being in a bed. Here’s me at the last race meeting.

VIRB Picture

It takes a little longer to inflate that my previous mattresses, probably about 3 to 4 minutes of blowing, but in return I do get a deeper bed. The valves are effective in not letting the air out when you pull away to take another breath, and they don’t let the air out during the night either. I have never had to re-inflate the mattress during a camping trip, which is rarely the case with air mattresses.

Despite the extra weight, it’s not that much larger when rolled up than the average lightweight mattress and fits easily into any spare space in my pack.

I have yet to try it in the winter but can say that I never feel any cold coming up from the ground whilst lying on it. The night might be misty, damp and chilly yet I don’t feel it at all. I like this mattress a lot, it’s comfy, easy to inflate, of a good packable size and it feels robust. I recommend it.

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