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They Say - Joint pain can be a recurring problem for people working out! The benefits of taking a liquid supplement rather than a pill is that is goes straight into the blood stream whereas pills and tablets can take hours for the body to digest. LQ Liquid Health Joint Care is a solution to improve joint flexibility and mobility whilst reducing joint pain. It is the only drink on the market for joint and bone care that has so many ingredients in it. All the ingredients are clinically proven and are incredibly effective.

LQ Joint Care – Testimonial - Name: Pamela Brown, Age: 45-50

I’ve always felt like London was a playground. I work in property so I suppose it’s easy to see why. I love exploring the city on the job, discovering great locations and architecture. It’s like hide and seek. I’ve always used the capital as my race track too. Long runs around Green Park and Hyde Park. I used to feel like a kid. Totally free!

Four years ago though, I noticed some pain in my knees. I can remember the first time it happened. I was at Bank station and felt a twinge which stopped me in my tracks. It was during the morning rush hour and as I pulled up lame, loads of people began to slip by me up the stairs. After a moment I carried on. The pain hadn’t been excruciating but it was a nasty surprise. From then on, every time I came to a set of steps I braced myself for the icy little pain. In the end I had to stop running but that wasn’t the worst effect. I began to blame running for my discomfort. The whole experience started me off on an unhealthy relationship with exercise.

When I was introduced to the LQ Joint Care liquid health supplements, I was willing to give them a go but I’d be lying if I said I was confident. I wanted to get back to my old active lifestyle but had never been someone that went in for pills and potions really. To be honest, I suspected that the little drinks would be nothing more than a gimmick. My scepticism wasn’t helped by my own impatience. When I had been drinking the supplements every morning for a week without noticing any improvement I felt that I had been proved right. “I knew it was all a nonsense!” I repeated to myself silently and with a little triumph.

I was ecstatic, if a little rueful then, when after about two weeks, as I ascended the stairs at another tube stop I suddenly realised that I was feeling no pain! It was incredible. I think I might have gasped! I reasoned myself away from jubilation though. “It’s just the shoes you’re wearing”, I thought, but when I came the next day wearing a dangerously high heel and was still without the twinge which had plagued me for so long, I was converted. I know that I’m going to keep taking LQ. With my knees painless again I’m starting to repair my relationship with exercise. Slowly but surely. One day at a time. I’m confident that pretty soon London will be my playground again!

We SayI was skeptical about this product, not least because of the wording in the marketing. ‘It is the only drink on the market for joint and bone care that has so many ingredients in it,’ is such a random phrase to use, it doesn’t really mean anything, and as for the testimony, it seems like the words of somebody who isn’t that much into exercise. If she had been she’d have mentioned stretching and yoga as a first port of call in her quest for reducing knee pain.

Still, first impressions can be misleading, so I gave the product a go myself. I had a very punishing 3 weeks lined up that would test my joints to the maximum. The racing schedule, on consecutive Saturdays, during these weeks were;

  • Endure 24 – a 24 hour race where you would run as far as you could within the time limit. 
  • The Isle of Man 85 mile walk – a walk on tarmac around the island.
  • The Ultimate Trails 110km – a tough run in the Lake District, over 6 mountain passes involving 14,000 feet of ascent and descent.

I spoke to several ultra runners before these races and they doubted my ability to recover from the first one in time for the other two, especially because in the past I have often had problems with my knees. Usually I can do well in a big race one weekend but then it’ll take me 3 or 4 weeks to recover properly. Surely my knees would give way under the sustained mileage of the first race and need more than a few days to get better again? And how on earth would I finish the last race, a 110km epic across the mountains on trails full of stones and descents that would place great pressure on even the freshest of knees!

I started taking LQ Liquid Health Joint Care 2 days before the first race. I was in good shape with no injuries at the time. I should also say, that at 47 years old I’m an experienced runner so do already have a routine for dealing with joint problems, and I will mention them here as I feel that no one preventative measure on it’s own is enough, you have to have a mixture of the following;

  • Your daily diet has to include a smoothie with pineapple, ginger and tumeric. The bulk of the rest of your diet has to be mainly whole foods, that is, not processed foods. In other words, food that you can recognise as being coming from the earth – fruit, veg, nuts.
  • You also have to stretch out gently for about 10 minutes per day. This is essential. If you don’t I am convinced that you are storing up trouble for yourself. 

So combined with stretching, whole food and LQ I went into the first race and did my 120 miles, gaining third place overall. I felt ok afterwards, very tired as you would expect but not injured. I kept taking the LQ every morning and rubbing arnica on tired muscles and by the Thursday I felt like I was ready for the next event on the Saturday.

In that race I felt ok. I didn’t do great – I only did 67 of the 85 miles, stopping out of lack of motivation rather than anything else – but again, I came out of it with no injuries and by the Tuesday I was already feeling better.

The final 110km race was punishing. One of my knees got injured after 20km on a tricky downhill section of the course but I was pleased to find that my joints were in such good shape that I could continue through to the end, and gain 67th place in a field of over 300. And now, as I write this 3 days later, I’m totally recovered and about to go out to run again.

So, I’d say that this product does work. My test wasn’t scientific, I admit, but during that 3 weeks my knees, ankles and hips took a terrible beating yet they feel 100% now.

I think that if you combine LQ with a whole foods diet that includes the pineapple, ginger and tumeric smoothie I spoke of, and the stretching, then you will go a long way to ensuring pain free joints.

LQ is available from Holland and Barrett, and you can find out more here - http://www.lqliquidhealth.com/product/lq-joint-care/

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