Teko M3RINO Mid-Weight Sock and UNISEX Heavyweight Boot Sock



They Say – TEKO SOCKS Mid-Weight, M3RINO.XC wool wicks moisture. Seamless toes, arch brace, articulated Y-heel. Comfortable double cuff. M3RINO.XC Wool from Argentine farms that have been practicing environmentally-sound techniques for hundreds of years. The wool is shrink resistant and dyed with non-toxic dyes. Machine wash, tumble dry (or air dry). Perfect for hiking in moderate or mild conditions.

What your Teko’s are made from; 74% M3RINO.XC, 25% Nylon, 1% Elastic

Features: Superfine Merino wool fibers dry & evaporate moisture quickly. MERINO fiber regulates your temperature. Dynamic Custom FitTM – smooth, seamless & snug. Performs best in cold, wet and damp conditions. Lifetime teko Guarantee.

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We Say – I’ve been wearing these Teko socks for four months in England and Canada. On a normal day out I’ll probably walk about 5-7 km, usually in a semi-urban setting and these socks have helped to make sure those walks are really comfortable, so much so that I now feel dissatisfied whenever I wear socks that aren’t made by Teko. They’ve completely spoiled me!

They’re soft and warm, yet so durable. I’ve never had a blister whilst wearing them even if I was wearing new/cheap shoes that are hard around the achilles tendon, which is where I’d usually get blisters.

They also take a long time to stink up so I can wear them for a week before they need a wash. I don’t exercise in them or do anything too laborious except for just walking around the city parks or whilst at work (I’m on my feet in a shop all day) so that helps and it’s also more economical and environmentally friendly to wash once a week if you can get away with doing so.

The socks have never slid down from my legs and bunched up at the toes like my other inferior socks do sometimes, they stay put at the heel and don’t move during my daily activities. Tese socks would be really great for hiking for the reasons I’ve mentioned, long lasting without getting smelly and staying in place on your feet.

Weather wise, I did wear them on half day forest hikes in Canada during the end of winter when temperatures were between -20 degrees celsius to about 0 degrees, and paired with warm winter boots I felt great; not at all cold.

In conclusion, I love these Teko socks, and all the other socks I’ve tried from their brand as well. Teko make their products from organic materials and the advanced company ethics mean they have a smaller carbon footprint than most manufacturers. In our world of declining resources, these things really matter and I feel proud of wearing and supporting such a company.

These are comfy, reliable socks from a great, ethical company! Get some if possible, you won’t regret it!

Discover more at http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/products/9904ec-m3rino-midweight-hiking-charcoal




Teko – your ultimate eco-performance sock. The classic-construction of these socks provide an active outdoor fit that allows freedom of movement yet stays put on your foot. Organic, chlorine-free, undyed M3RINO.XC sits against your skin for wicking power and lofty cushion. The footbed is reinforced for exceptional durability. Great hiking and trekking in all conditions. Optimal moisture management Seamless toe and articulated y-heel. Teko lifetime guarantee.

What your Teko’s are made from 75% M3RINO.XC, 24% NYLON, 1% ELASTIC

Features: Superfine Merino wool fibers dry & evaporate moisture quickly

MERINO fiber regulates your temperature. Dynamic Custom FitTM – smooth, seamless & snug. Performs best in cold, wet and damp conditions.

Discover more here http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/9907-m3rino-heavyweight-boot-dark-olive

We Say – I have been wearing these socks during last winter in London and the last winter that just passed in Toronto where temperatures ranged between the cities from 5 degrees to -40 degrees. I wore them on a few hikes during the height of winter (about -40 to -30) in Toronto and found them to be really suitable. My feet were kept warm during the four hours or so I was out each day, the socks didn’t retain any moisture keeping my feet dry and there were no blisters or discomfort.

They wash well and retain their shape and size and I can wear them every day for a week without them getting stinky, so that’s good for me as it’s less to wash and therefore good for my wallet and the environment. They stay on my feet without sliding away, as they have a firm grip around the feet and knees.


In terms of length, they’re not really knee-high, and I’m 5 foot 5 inches tall. They’re high rise but I’d say they come up to about mid-calf for me. The thing I particularly like about Teko socks are that they are made from organic materials using environmentally friendly methods of farming and production. I’ve been trying to switch my life around completely regarding the products I use to have a better impact on the planet and I’m really glad I found these socks.

In conclusion, these high-rise Teko socks are comfortable, warm, have a strong hold, lasts almost a week without washing and very importantly, have a small carbon footprint which is a big thumbs up for me!

Discover more here http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/9907-m3rino-heavyweight-boot-dark-olive

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