They Say – Teko – your ultimate eco-performance sock

Expedition weight, M3RINO.XC wool wicks moisture. Maximum warmth and wicking capacity for extreme conditions. Arch brace, articulated Y-heel, relaxed fit. Comfortable double cuff. Heavy cushion in the foot bed M3RINO.XC

Wool: From Argentine farms that have been practicing environmentally-sound techniques for hundreds of years. The wool is shrink resistant and dyed with non-toxic dyes. Machine wash, tumble dry (or air dry).

  • Our heaviest weight for the most extreme conditions
  • Heavy cushioning
  • Seamless toe and articulated y-heel
  • Arch brace and stay-put ankle band
  • Teko lifetime guarantee

What your Teko’s are made from



  • Superfine Merino wool fibers dry & evaporate moisture quickly
  • MERINO fiber regulates your temperature
  • Dynamic Custom FitTM – smooth, seamless & snug
  • Performs best in cold, wet and damp conditions
  • Lifetime teko Guarantee

To discover more, please see http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/9906-m3rino-extra-heavyweight-expedition-charcoal

We Say – I love that Teko made their socks from responsibly sourced wool, and that the company has a high level of commitment to operating on a sustainable, eco-friendly level. I also love that their socks are consistently excellent! When I was choosing socks to take with me on my trip to Canada, where I knew temperatures could well get as low as -40C, there was only one company that I seriously looked at. I’ve worn Teko before, they’ve never let me down, and they didn’t this time either.

You can see the sort of conditions I wore them in below. You can just see the socks between jeans and boots.


I’ve worn them out almost every day for the past six weeks. Which says two things.

That they’re really comfy and keep me warm in temperatures anywhere between zero and -40 (anything over zero and my feet start getting hot so if you’ve got great boots like my Hi-Tec, which work with the Teko socks to keep out the cold no matter what, then bear this in mind and perhaps take another, thinner pair of socks with you if you’re travelling for when the temperatures rise) and also, that it takes a lot of wearing to make them smell. Generally I find I can wear them for a couple of weeks before I feel the need to wash them. And that’s with wearing them every day, indoors and out.

They’re so good that even when snow gets in down the top of my boots, which is does often, I don’t feel it melting. The socks soak the moisture up and deal with it before it gets to my skin.

They wash up well, dry easily in the tumble drier and they feel great when worn, luxurious even. I can imagine that in the cooler seasons either side of summer I might well take these with me camping to wear at the end of the day. I’ll not be needing the warmth then but the comfort they offer would be the sort of treat that matters after a day on the trail.

So, in summary, these socks will keep you warm down to -40, they’re make using sustainable and decent methods and they also come with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re looking for a sock to protect you from extreme cold on the trail, this is it.

To discover more, please see http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/9906-m3rino-extra-heavyweight-expedition-charcoal

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