They Say – This stylish waterproof men’s boot is ideal for Winter. The durable toughened shell protects against rips and tears, while the soft but durable leather upper provides long term comfort. The synthetic fur lining not only provides warmth, but also wicks moisture to prevent sweating.

For ultimate all day comfort, the boot has an OrthoLite sockliner to deliver long last cushioning alongside anti-odour and anti-microbial properties. The boot also has a Vibram rubber outsole delivering world renowned traction, comfort and durability.

A great waterproof winter boot for men who want to keep their feet warm, dry and grounded in the cold weather.

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We Say – I think these boots got the ultimate test for a winter boot these past six weeks. I’ve been wearing them every day in Canada. At first the snow was thick, as you can see in the photos above, and the one below. You can’t actually see the boots in the photo below, but they’re there beneath the snow, honest.


I’ve been wearing them with my Teko socks, which are magnificent, as are the boots themselves. I’ve never got cold feet once, even when the temperature dropped to -35C. That was a fierce day and whilst my hands and nose were screaming at me to get indoors, my toes were toasty.

There’s a synthetic sheepskin-style lining that you can see in the photo below. It keeps the feet incredibly warm and comfy. The only slight downside of this is when I’ve worn them downtown and we’ve been spending time in a shopping centre, there’ll always come a point when I start thinking, ‘Blimey, my feet are getting a bit hot.” At which time I have to make a move to get out of there. Fine by me, I’d rather be outside.


The boots are very easy to get on and off. There’s no need to unlace them at all beyond untying the knot, just pull the tongue outwards and the neck opens enough to get your feet out, or in. This is very useful when you’ve just been out and your hands are too cold to feel much and you just want to get your snowy boots off and sit down for a while and warm up.

I’ve done a great many day hikes in them over rough ground and they cope excellently with keeping me warm and dry in the snow and also gripping the slopes. You’d expect them to with a Vibram sole. Here’s a shot of the soles…


…and of me hiking…


They’re comfy, very. I know the Hi-Tec blurb says that the boot has an OrthoLite sockliner to deliver long last cushioning alongside anti-odour and anti-microbial properties and I guess this works very well as I’ve never had cause to think the boots were either uncomfortable or smelly.

So, to sum up, these boots have kept me dry, comfy and warm in extreme temperatures whilst hiking through foot deep snow. They’re really easy to get on and off, they’ve never given me blisters or grief of any kind, they’re easy to wipe clean (the salt on the roads in winter tends to mess your shoes up but I just wipe the white salt residue off with a wet rag and that does the trick) and also they look really good with whatever you’re wearing, be it hiking trousers or jeans. It’s fair to say that they’re the most good looking walking boots I’ve ever had.

I’ve found them an excellent choice for Canada where my activities have been split equally between city tourism and country walking and I suspect they’d also fit the bill for anybody on a skiing holiday or indeed in any location where the feet need to be protected against cold of, I think, anywhere between +5 and -40C. These are excellently made, effective, good looking boots; really first class. I recommend them.

Discover more at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/sierra-duck-waterproof-mens-winter-boot-dark-chocolate-stone.html


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