Gore Running Wear MYTHOS 2.0 Thermo Shirt


They Say – Winter running shirt. The smooth inner side keeps you warm when running in extremely cold weather. Wear under a jacket or alone in moderately cold conditions. Includes a variety of visibility details.


  • Zip pocket on back
  • Zipper with reflective detail
  • Reflective print on back
  • Reflective print on sleeves
  • Reflective print on back
  • Reflective print on shoulders
  • Thermo-stretch functional fabric
  • Sleeve hem with thumbhole
  • Short zip with semi-lock slider and underflap
  • Close fit collar
  • Reflective logo on front

To see this shirt online, please visit http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/MYTHOS-2.0-Thermo-Shirt/SMYTTM,default,pd.html?dwvar_SMYTTM_color=0899&start=1&cgid=grw-men&q=mythos&navid=search

We Say – This feels like a cross between a fleece and a regular cold weather running mid layer. I really like and value it. I’ll tell you the conditions I’ve been wearing in it as this might help you in judging if it’s going to be of use for you.

I started wearing it at the beginning of February in Canada. The warmest the temperature got was -5C then, and the coldest was around -35C. Now it’s much warmer – today is +7 – but this top is still of great use to me.

This is me having returned from a run on one of the -20C days. As you can see, I seem a little dazed, almost in shock. Being out in those temperatures tends to do that to me.


I have been training for a summer of ultras and marathons so I’m generally outside for at least two hours at a time. My running kit has included up to four layers – depending on the temperature – and this Mythos top has been an ever present part of it.

It’s very warm, and very comfortable. To give you an idea of how warm it keeps you, I’ve been ok being outside in -30 (-35 wasn’t comfortable) as long as the rest of my kit was up to the job. And there’s a consideration; with whatever kit you wear, when there’s multiple components involved one bit of kit is only going to be as good as the next. If my windstopper jacket wasn’t so great, I’m not sure how effective this Thermo Shirt would be in the extreme cold. But as it is, my windstopper top is brilliant and works in conjunction with this top to make a strong barrier against the cold (see the review of my windstopper outfit here).

Yesterday we had a rather balmy +2 degrees (much more like winter weather in the UK) and I was sweating pretty heavily on my usual half marathon route. I had this top on, my windstopper outfit and a normal tech t-shirt underneath. Today it’s +7 with no wind so I went out without my windstopper jacket for the first time and this Thermo top kept me warm enough, comfortable to the point of staying out for two hours was no problem and in fact very enjoyable.

So, based on my six week test period, I’d say you could use this thermo shirt on it’s own from about 12 degrees (anything hotter than that might be too warm for this) down to about 5 degrees, and then with an extra outer windstopper layer it’s good down to the -30′s.

The thumb holes are handy, it means I can pull my jacket and gloves on over the top and not have the sleeves ride up. Not a big point until you’re indoors, sweating like mad because the heating’s up, and in your three layers trying to get the fourth on before you go out all the whilst thinking, I’m sweating and when I get outside the -25 wind will be all the more brutal because of that sweat and maybe I’ll get a cold which is no big deal I guess but then again it really is as I’ve got to train every day, and I can’t afford a day off if I want to be the best I can be…

The close fitting collar is also essential. You tend to loose a lot of your body warmth through your neck opening so the closer it is to your body when you’re outside running the better your chances of keeping warm are.

Regarding washing the top, I go running six days a week ando I don’t wash my kit between runs except the layer closest to my body (t-shirt and boxer shorts). Everything else just gets laid over the radiator. Ok, the kit smells a bit on day six but I can handle that and it’s not so bad that anybody else in the room can smell me from afar. So, it deals with heavy wear and minimal washing well.

The top is washed mainly in the washing machine and it’s fine with that, but there have been a few occasions when my schedule has meant that I’ve missed washing day and I have to do it by hand. No problem, I just soak it in a bucket for half hour then wring it out and, after it’s drip-dried into the bath, hang it over the radiator.

The extra bonus with this top is that a running fleece is also a hiking fleece (although a hiking fleece is more often than not incapable of being a running fleece as it’s too heavy and doesn’t wick sweat away well enough), so it’s also going to be suitable for days out hiking. I say this based on how the top feels as I haven’t actually tried it out whilst doing something that’s not running – I’m always using it for running so it’s never clean enough to wear out socially or on gentle country walks – but it’s clear that there’s essentially little difference between this top and the average mid layer hiking fleece – accept that this is superb quality and is built to last – so you could use it for that activity as well. This is good; decent running clothes are expensive nowadays and if you can use them for other activities – and therefore cut down what you spend in that other area – then all the better.

I should mention also that Gore are a favoured brand of Trek and Run for two reasons. First, every single bit of kit we’ve ever tested of theirs is brilliant. Second, we consider them a sustainable brand. Not only are they part of the Fair Labor Association, whose members are committed to ensuring fair labor practices and safe and humane working conditions throughout their supply chains, their kit is also so well made that you’re unlikely to need to buy new kit for a great many years, thus reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ that needs to be produced in order to give you the life you want. It also means you’ve got more money in your pocket to spend on other things like organic food, or that you don’t need to earn as hard to get what you need (so you can take some time off and go running more!).

So yes, I love this top. It’s well made, completely fit for any conditions that you’re likely to encounter in any winter and it feels and looks good. Check it out online at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/MYTHOS-2.0-Thermo-Shirt/SMYTTM,default,pd.html?dwvar_SMYTTM_color=0899&start=1&cgid=grw-men&q=mythos&navid=search

I made a short film about my winter running outfit that includes a look at this top, you can see it here;

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