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They Say - This 3-in-1 short coat provides knee-length weather protection and insulation. It consists of a cotton-like, waterproof outer coat and a warm, insulated inner coat. The former features a hood with faux fur trim, which keeps wind and rain off your face and is fully detachable. The latter provides adequate heat retention for dry days and between seasons when worn alone.

  • 3-in-1 coat for outdoor and urban wear
  • Waterproof, windproof
  • Breathable
  • Robust, cotton-like
  • Warm quilted inner coat
  • Short coat
  • Number of pockets: 6
  • Weight: 1360 g (size M)


Shell coat:

  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable TEXAPORE 2L
  • Removable BASIC HOOD, adjustable in terms of size and field of vision and with a detachable faux fur trim
  • Four side pockets (two high), chest pocket, inside pocket
  • Drawcord

Inner coat:

  • Lightweight, soft, wind-repellent and water-resistant SOFTTOUCH TAFFETA fabric
  • Warm MICROGUARD synthetic insulation (100 g/m2)
  • Two side pockets



  • Shell: 100% polyester
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Shell: 100% polyamide
  • Lining: 100% polyester


We Say – I first started wearing Jack Wolfskin on a hiking/camping trip to Scotland in 2014, when we wild-camped through the Highlands for three weeks and where I was mostly kitted out with clothes from the Jack Wolfskin brand. They did an excellent job of keeping me warm, dry and insulated against the elements. My first impression of the brand was that they are reliable, well-made and, an issue that’s important for me, they’re made cruelty-free, meaning that no animals were harmed or even used during the making of their products.

As my and Dave’s 9 month journey through Europe was approaching its end and we were due to head back to Toronto in Canada, where winter temperatures frequent the -30 mark, we both needed new winter coats. I looked at many different options with brands we know and trust like Helly Hansen, Columbia, Craghoppers and Tilley but the problem was often that they weren’t very stylish and suitable to my age (23) and if I did find something that took my fancy I could see, with a glance at the materials used, that the jacket was made using down.

Now, no matter how much a company or brand may say that their down is ethically sourced I still can’t trust them, unless I can actually go to a farm and see that their down is coming from ducks which have shed their feathers naturally.

The truth is that most of the down used in the market is a by-product of the extremely cruel industry of foie-gras and I figure that if I’m trying to be a good human whilst living in this world there’s no way I can support such an inhumane and unethical practice, or support it’s by-products like down.

However, when I came to Jack Wolfskin I loved their collection of winter jackets and was really hoping that they used polyester and not down in the materials. When I spotted this White Rock Parka I immediately loved it and looking through its detailed online product description (which I should mention is clear, concise and very helpful) I saw that 100% of the jacket is down free! I couldn’t be more excited to own this and wear it in Canada!



Dave and I have now been in Canada for a month and I’ve worn this jacket every single time I’ve gone out. And every single time I’ve thought to myself, this is seriously the best jacket I’ve ever worn, no doubt about it.

My jacket is a UK size 10 or US/Canadian size Small and it allows me to wear a few layers underneath and not be uncomfortable or too tight (I’m usually a size 10 so this must be made a little large to take into account the layers you’re likely to wear under it).

The first few times I wore the jacket in Canada temperatures were around -20 and I wore three layers underneath to prevent me from being cold and I found that all of those times I was too warm and even sweaty around my back and underarms at the end of a couple of hours walking. That amazed me, as I’ve never worn a jacket where I was warm to the point of being sweaty during one of our normal winters. I learned from these first few outings and for the past few weeks, when temperatures have been around -20 to -10, I now only wear one or two layers underneath the jacket and find myself comfortable and cool, not too hot or sweaty. That’s incredible, what a jacket!


Also, on dressy nights out with my friends, when I have fancy tops on and don’t want to get too warm as I move from house to car or bus, I only wear one layer, for example a chiffon material, and with the jacket on top I’m still protected from the cold of -20. So if you get this jacket I would recommend one layer if you’re going to be mostly indoors and just need the jacket between walking from inside to the car or bus and then bar or restaurant. If you’re going for a longer hike though then I recommend three layers as this will ensure you’re warm the whole time, like when I go for a 3 hour walk in -15 or -20 weather.


The hood on this jacket is really good too and when I have it on my head I’m completely warm and protected from the elements. I’ve heard that 30% of your body heat escapes from your head so I always cover my head in the winter when I’m outside. When it’s particularly cold like -35 with an Arctic wind blowing (we had quite a few of those days at the start of February!) I’ll wear a beanie knit hat, so nothing that special, and the hood on top and my head and ears are nice and warm, no wind gets in and no heat escapes. It’s also easily adjustable with toggles. The faux-fur is detachable and big enough to come down around my forehead, protecting me further. The hood isn’t too tight on my head either. I have a lot of hair on my head and often find some hoods are too small for the job, but this hood has always covered me satisfyingly, even leaving me space to put my hair in a ponytail or bun if I choose.

Regarding the look of the jacket, as I’ve mentioned above, I liked it from the start. The long parka style really suits me as I like to have my back and thighs covered during these harsh Canadian winters. At the same time though it’s not bulky at all so still keeps me looking slender which is important for me. In these wintery seasons it’s easy to look like a big sack of potatoes! Anyways, I don’t look like that but I also don’t have to sacrifice on warmth as the jacket does a fantastic job of keeping everything cosy. Almost every one of my friends and family members have complimented me on it and said that it’s very flattering on me. So that’s definitely an added bonus I can’t complain about. A functional, warm jacket, which also makes me look great – nice!


The pockets are fantastic. They’re fleece-lined and deep enough for me to actually use. The top two pockets, which are breast-level, I primarily use to warm my hands in. They’re perfect for that purpose – I just have to stick my hands inside and they’ll warm up in a few minutes. The bottom two pockets are quite spacious, deep enough for documents, gloves or my phone. Although to make me look not too bulky I usually don’t use them unless it’s my phone or papers, as sticking gloves or a hat in there would make the pockets stick out, naturally. The right hand lower pocket comes with a smaller, tighter pocket inside that’s perfect for loose change, tissues, or anything else that needs to be kept safely tucked away. There’s a pocket on the inner layer of the jacket, right over the heart which I’ve used a few times to store my phone in if going for a long walk in the cold, to prevent my device from freezing. All of these pockets have got poppers to secure them.


The jacket has got dual layers of protection, a waterproof outer and a fleece inner, joined by zips that can be separated if needed. I haven’t yet taken off the inner layer when I go out as this double layer suits me in this weather but when it’s nearer to spring and the weather is nicer I’ll remove the inner layer as I won’t need so much warmth. The outer layer is quite incredible, 100% waterproof and windproof. Snow almost glides off it and it doesn’t retain any rain or moisture. Sometimes if I’m waiting for the bus and it’s raining or snowing, I’ll put my hood on and just watch the rain/snow almost disappear off the outer layer, that’s how fascinated I am by this jacket! It also feels soft on my skin, almost like how wool or cashmere would feel. Often times with parkas, bad-quality ones anyways, they’ll make this plasticy sort of sound when they rub together, creating an ugly and cheap noise. Whereas with this jacket, even though it does the job of being waterproof, windproof and super warm, it feels luxurious and looks and sounds like a quality product! The inner is silky, soft and like satin and it’s a delight to put on when I have bare arms like when I’m on an evening out.

Lastly, putting the jacket on and taking it off is very easy and convenient, no fussiness at all. The zipper has never gotten caught and it’s a smooth zip all the way to my chin. The inner layer also comes apart from the outer easily, with just a few zippers and poppers needing to be undone for removal.

In conclusion, this is absolutely the best jacket I’ve ever owned. It keeps me very warm in freezing Canadian temperatures (-10 to -35/40), it makes me look slender and flatters my figure, it’s easy to put on and use and no animals were harmed in the process of making it. If I am ever asked to recommend a brand to my friends or family for winter or outdoor clothes, Jack Wolfskin will be my #1 brand that I’ll refer to. They’re simply too good to not treat yourself to!

To discover more about this jacket, please see http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk/white-rock-coat-women



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