They Say – Teko – your ultimate eco-performance sock! Crew-cut liners in our M3RINO.XC fabric for superior wicking and moisture management. Organic, chlorine-free, undyed Merino fabric stays soft against your skin while keeping your feet dry. Classic construction provides an active, outdoor fit that allows freedome of movement while staying put against your foot. The footbed is reinforced for exceptional durability. Sold in packs of 2 pairs.

  • Perfect for cold, wet or damp conditions
  • Seamless toe and articulated y-heel
  • Teko lifetime guarantee

What your Teko’s are made from

  • 79% M3RINO.XC, 11% NYLON, 10% ELASTIC


  • Superfine Merino wool fibers dry & evaporate moisture quickly
  • MERINO fiber regulates your temperature
  • Dynamic Custom FitTM – smooth, seamless & snug

To discover more, please see http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/3601-m3rino-2-pack-liner-crew-black



They Say – Lightweight organic, chlorine-free MERINO wool wicks moisture. This is the go-to sock for just enough cushion and warmth without excess bulk. Light cushion at top and bottom of foot, heel and ankle and ight cushion at the shin. Seamless toes, arch support band, articulated Y-heel. Stay-put ankle band. Seamless toes eliminates irritation. Arch brace discourages foot fatigue and, articulated Y-heel fits better to help prevent blisters!

  • Perfect for wintersports in all conditions
  • Light cushioning
  • Seamless toe and articulated y-heel
  • Arch brace
  • Air vents

What your Teko’s are made from

36% Organic M3rino.xc, 35% Evapor8, 27% Nylon, 2% Elastic


  • Superfine Merino wool fibers dry & evaporate moisture quickly
  • MERINO fiber regulates your temperature
  • Dynamic Custom FitTM – smooth, seamless & snug
  • Performs best in cold, wet and damp conditions
  • Lifetime teko Guarantee

Discover more at http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/collections/mens-hiking-trekking/products/3303-sin3rgio-midweight-hiking-charcoal

We Say – I wanted a running sock that could handle temperatures of down to -35 or more. Last year I tried to find one for my training whilst in Canada but failed – there seemed to be no single sock that could handle the combination of cold, trail and distance – so this year I took matters into my own hands and decided on a combination of these Teko sock liners underneath the Teko organic midweight hiking sock.

It’s a combination that has worked excellently – my feet have never once got cold even though I’m often running through ankle deep snow and I’ve never got blisters in the month that I’ve been training here (I run for a couple of hours most days, so they’ve had a good test).

My reasoning for choosing this combination was that the sock liner would be soft against my feet. Then the midweight hiking sock would give me the cold protection, as would the layer of warm air that would be trapped between them. And the two socks would also hopefully dispel any friction – caused by my shoes constantly slipping and sliding on uneven trails/ice/snow – by rubbing against each other rather than transferring the motion directly from sock to foot. Ok, not a particularly scientific approach, just one arrived at via experience, and I’m happy to say that it has worked very well indeed to the point that my search for a winter running sock has now ended!

I only wash both sets of sock once a week. This may sounds awful, and I’ve no idea how they don’t smell terrible, but I just come back from a run, put them on the radiator, open the window for a while whilst the sweat burns off and then there’re fine. Maybe the heat kills the bacteria, not sure, and even though they seem a little hard/crusty from day four onwards they perform just as well.

To recap; I’ve been running outside for two hours most days (between 10 and 13 miles) for the past month, in temperatures ranging from -10 to -35, often in ankle deep snow, and these socks have kept me warm all that time, and blister and pain free. If you’re looking for a sock combination that can handle extreme cold weather running, then this is it.

And, of course, you can use the hiking socks as regular walking socks the rest of the year, and the sock liner can double up as a thin summer sock, or a liner for hiking in the cold. All in all, these are two great socks that have multiple uses and which have been produced by a company with excellent eco credentials.

Discover more about Teko at http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk

To finish, a video I made here showing a little of the terrain I run in, and my complete outfit for -10 to -30 winter running.

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