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They Say – Your Teko Evapor8 compression sleeves are perfectly designed for the active, high performance life. The fabric is extremely soft, light and durable. It does not absorb moisture which means it dries very quickly. Teko’s poly is 100% certified-recycled; 100% of the material comes from post-consumer waste like plastic bottles.


  • Luxurious ultrafine fibers dry and evaporate moisture quickly
  • eVapor8 fiber regulates your temperature
  • Anatomical fit – smooth, seamless & snug
  • Performs best in warm, hot & humid conditions
  • Lifetime teko Guarantee

What your Teko’s are made from

60% eVapor8, 36% nylon, 4% elastic

Discover more at http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/products/2244pf-evapor8-compression-sleeve-carbon-firefly 

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We Say – I’ve been using these compression sleeves in wintery Canada this past month. I know Teko say they perform best in warm, hot and humid conditions (so they would’ve been ideal in Greece or Sri Lanka last year when my regular compression socks felt pretty uncomfortable at times during the marathons as they didn’t wick away sweat as much as I’d have hoped for) but I felt the need to use them here, for two reasons.

Firstly, I run every day but I only use a washing machine every week. Which means unless my inner layer of clothes has the ability to dry quickly and without any negative effect after every run, I have no clothes to wear the next day. Which can’t happen! So, the fact that these compression sleeves dry very quickly (in a half hour or so whilst over the radiator) and are just as flexible and comfy (often when you radiator dry clothes they get crusty and tough) the next day is a very important thing for me.

Secondly, and most importantly, I run at least ten miles most days here and it’s all on snow and ice, and half of it is on very uneven trails. I leave the house and never have time to stretch and warm up properly (it’s almost always below -10 so whilst usually I would run a mile or so then stop to stretch, if I do that here I tend to freeze) so I need the protection that these compression sleeves offer my calves. I’m slipping all over the place as I run, hitting uneven surfaces often, and my calves need all the help they can get to stop being injured by the sharp movements. For sure, I’m always slightly injured or bruised whilst training here but at least it’s not so bad that I can’t train, and I feel it’d be a lot worse if I weren’t wearing these compression sleeves.

And the final reason I like using Teko is that as a brand they’re so environmentally friendly. I don’t know of any other company making socks or compression sleeves that takes as much care with their production methods as Teko do (these compression sleeves are made from recycled plastic bottles and other things, such as used fishing nets). I feel great using them; their ethics surpass those of any other mainstream company I know of and their product works to an extremely high standard; what more can you ask for?

Discover more at http://www.tekoforlife.co.uk/products/2244pf-evapor8-compression-sleeve-carbon-firefly 


And to finish, a video I made here showing a little of the terrain I run in, and my complete outfit for -10 to -30 winter running.

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