Activbod scrubs, shower gel and cooling lotion


They Say – All you need to help you cleanse, reward and revitalise the body and mind. This unique kit contains 4 of the fantastic activbod products!

  • 100ml feel great shower concentrate
  • 100ml cooling finish lotion
  • 100ml pick me up scrub
  • 75ml Game changer face scrub

Our winning shower gel is perfect for your kit bag. A travel friendly tube that delivers double the washes. An energising blend of sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil work to cleanse and nourish the skin, whilst a stimulating fragrance restores body and mind. 

Finish off your regime with our non-sticky body lotion containing mentol that delivers an enjoyable cooling sensation to the skin. Plus a naturally derived deodorising ingredient, vitamin E acetate and allantoin to moisturise and repair dry skin. 

A weekly cleanse boost or tricky dirt then look no further than pick me up scrub. A deep cleansing body polish to scrub dirt, cleanse pores and stimulate circulation. Saliclyic acid and  green tea help to refresh, whilst micro-scrubbing particles work to cleanse pores that become clogged during exercise.

Nothing beats that clean skin feeling after exercise and our game changer face scrub offers just that. A dual action face scrub containing bio-available vitamin E to help reduce redness often experienced after exercise. Micro-scrubbing particles, salicylic acid and sweet almond oil cleanse pores, whilst menthol delivers a cooling soothing sensation to the skin.

We SayThe first thing we look for on any of our toiletries are if they’re free of animals testing; if they’re not, we don’t use them. Activbod state clearly on their website that they are ‘…against animal testing & promise to never test our products on animals. Our range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.’ So that was a great start.

Not so great was that when we looked at the scrubs we saw that the abrasive ingredient they contain is Polyethylene plastic beads which seems an odd choice, especially as the ‘Game Changer’ scrubs’ main tasks is to reduce the redness caused by exercise. Why an odd choice? Because according to some experts when you use anything synthetic on your face, like plastic beads, your body reacts by fighting off those foreign chemicals, which can cause inflammation. If you’re looking to reduce redness, why put something on your face that may potentially increase it?

As well as this, these plastic beads get flushed down the sink along with your dead skin and into the rivers, lakes and seas, where they lay for centuries, causing harm to or killing the marine creatures that sometimes eat them.

So, without a doubt, if Activbod want to really appeal to eco-aware sporty people like us they’ve got to ditch the plastic and use a natural abrasive ingredient like nut shells or ground seeds instead.

Moving on from this, all the products come in air travel-safe 100ml or below sizes that you can take in your carry on luggage. That’s handy.activebod-feelgreatshowerconcentrateThe ‘Feel Great Shower Concentrate’ smells excellent (difficult to describe fully as it’s rather unique to me but the words healthy, fresh and bright come to mind), and as Activbod says a little goes a long way. It lathers up nicely but it’s not good for the hair as well as the body. I know it doesn’t set out to be but I often use my shower gels as hair and body washes. Sometimes they work, other times not. In this case, when I tried it I got bad dandruff. Also, I’d rather they didn’t use palm oil in the product; I’m not sure of the alternative ingredient but Lush manage it so it must be economically possible. Overall it’s a product that works well though, it give’s a refreshing shower experience.


The ‘Cooling Finishing Lotion’ is my favourite product. I get out the shower and put this on my face and wow, it’s almost like a minor cold burn (it’s regularly -5 to -10 here so cold burns are something that features in my life a lot!) for ten seconds after you put it on. It’s a deep sensation, something like the opposite of when you spray deep heat on your legs but similar in intensity. There’s a strong menthol ‘zing’ that hits you very quickly as well, it’s amazing. Some might not like it as it’s strong feeling, I love it though. Really, if you’re in any way drowsy or tired, which I am after a few hours of exercise, this will invigorate like no other product I’ve ever tried or heard of.

The ‘Pick Me Up Scrub’ is a deep clean product, I’ve been using it once a week and my skin does feel good after use. If only it didn’t have the plastic beads in it, I’d give it a big thumbs up.

The same goes for the ‘Game Changer Face Scrub’. This is a white-ish scrub, thicker than the Pick Me Up and when I use it with the Cooling Lotion I feel great after. I’m 47 and have my fair share of signs of aging but this product does help make me look the best I can. Not that I care that much but if I’m going to wash my face anyhow and the technology is there to smooth our a few lines then why not use it. If only it didn’t have that plastic stuff in it!

When Activbod change the plastic for natural abrasives, and perhaps drop the use of palm oil, they’re going to get a thumbs up from us. As it is they’ve got great products that smell lovely (and that cooling lotion is amazing) but sadly the scrubs don’t fit with our personal ethics, yet.

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