They Say - Natural Plus 40+ insect repellent is formulated from a blend of natural plant oils derived from the Lemon Eucalyptus plant. The active ingredient is proven by scientific research to repel mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats and ticks. It also includes natural pyrethrum to act as a bite inhibitor. Each application of Natural Plus 40+ will last for up to 8 hours. Re-application may be required in areas with high temperature and humidity. Available in a 100ml Aluminium Pump Spray.


We Say – We used this to try to fend off the mossies and insects of Sri Lanka during our four week cycling and hiking trip and the midges of Scotland during a three week backpacking trip. The results were this.

We both felt that the spray smelt nice, and it applied easily. It didn’t sting if we got it in our eyes either.

I got on ok in Sri Lanka and didn’t get bitten too much, even when we were staying in basic village accommodation or sleeping outside, which we did on two occasions whilst climbing mountains. Lamia didn’t fare so well and got bitten pretty badly often. One of her bites became infected and she had to have antibiotics for it when she got back to England as it had swelled up to the point where we feared she might have an insect egg or two nesting under her skin.

We sprayed this repellent on lots when we went jungle trekking and it didn’t do a thing to ward off the leeches. Then again, the solution that our local guides put forward, which was rubbing tiger balm all over us, didn’t work either. When a leech hasn’t eaten for a month and sniffs you out, not a lot is going to stop them, believe me.

Also, with the amount of sweating we were doing – our clothes were wringing wet inside ten minutes of starting out on a hike – whatever we put onto our skin was usually washed away inside an hour when we were in the humidity of the jungle.

Who’s to say that it wouldn’t have been worse though, if we hadn’t doused ourselves in the spray. At least neither of us got malaria or anything else that was serious.

We were in Scotland for August, when the midges are said to be at their peak, and indeed, they were bad then. We found that this spray didn’t effect them much, even if we sprayed it right into a cloud of them they just carried right on. The only thing that worked on them was the miracle that is known as Avon ‘Skin So Soft’.

So, based on this little test, we’d say that we can’t be sure that this spray works that well. If you’re going on a trip in the UK then the Avon spray is widely accepted to be the most effective against midges here and if you’re going overseas we’d say that you should cover up as much as possible and seek local advice as to what might work, even though chances are the locals won’t know either (that’s what we find anyway). By all means take this product though as a back up, it’s got all natural ingredients so you’ll probably not be harming yourself by using it, unlike some other more chemically formed repellents

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