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I used a mixture of Gore Running Wear this autumn during my marathons/ultras, which were in Nottingham, London, Sri Lanka and Athens.

As you can imagine, a wide variety of running conditions were encountered during these races. Around 12 degrees in London (perfect), 38 degrees in Sri Lanka (not perfect!), 27 in Nottingham (odd, didn’t expect that at all!) and 19 in Athens (again, perfect). I’d originally intended to use this Gore Magnitude wear only during the road marathons but in the end I just used what I thought was best on each occasion, according to the weather, my own fitness needs and road/surface conditions.



They Say – Form-fitting, innovative compression short sleeve shirt for muscle support and reduced muscle vibrations. 3/4 zip for optimum ventilation and two back pockets for nutrition packs. 

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We Say - I decided to use this shirt during the Nottingham Marathon as I felt a little out of shape that week and thought that the extreme compression offered by this shirt would help keep me upright during those last few miles. I always suffer at that point if I’m not on top form you see, my torso falls forward a little as I tire and this action then uses up even more energy as I struggle to keep upright. It’s what the Kenyan’s call the moment when ‘the road rises up to meet you’ and it happens to the best of us if we’re not in top shape, so anything that can help me at that point, if I can see it likely to happen, is very welcome indeed.

It was a warm day in Nottingham, perhaps a touch too warm to be wearing anything other than a vest, but the zip allowed me to regulate temperature well and although I did suffer during the latter part of the race it wasn’t due to the heat, more to my legs refusing to work (as I said, I was out of shape that week). The race wasn’t a complete disaster though, I was hoping for a 3.15 finish but managed a 3.27 so considering it was 27 degrees and I didn’t suffer from the road rising up to meet me I think the top did help my performance.

The gel pockets in the back of the shirt are something I’ve not come across in a running shirt before (in cycling shirts yes, but not running shirts) and I was concerned that the gels might jump out during the course of the run but that wasn’t the case. So, a big thumbs up for this shirt. It’ll be my go-to shirt in the future for cool weather trail runs and also marathons when I’m not on top form.

See more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/MAGNITUDE-COMP-Zip-Shirt/SCOMAG,default,pd.html?dwvar_SCOMAG_color=5600&start=1&cgid=grw&q=MAGNITUDE%20COMP%20Zip%20Shirt



They Say – Support and moisture management. The compression shirt for performance runners gives the muscles support and reduces vibration. Compact fit and perfect shape on the upper body without restriction. Two back pockets for nutrition packs. 

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We Say – I wore this top for the London Parks 50km Ultra. The weather was typical October style on the day of the race – a little cool, overcast with a chance 0f rain – so I thought the long sleeves might help keep me warm and once again I was not on top form so reckoned I might need the compression support that the top offered (I’d done a marathon the previous week and flown in from a long haul flight the night before the race so I was pretty tired even before I started).

I think the top performed excellently that day. I was never overheated or sweaty, nor cold or clammy, it helped keep me upright and strong and, as with all Gore wear, it looked outstanding. I finished the race in good shape and I’d say that for any sort of long distance running the top is a great choice. It’s not an easy top to put on and remove – it’s very tight and the material is thick so I had a little struggle at times – but once it’s on I did feel protected, like the shirt was a defensive skin, and as though my muscles would be kept in place no matter how far I ran and how jolty the terrain (which they were). This shirt, and the short sleeved one above, are the best compression shirts I’ve ever had.

See more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/MAGNITUDE-COMP-Shirt-long/SMAGNZ,default,pd.html?dwvar_SMAGNZ_color=3500&start=5&cgid=grw-men-geartype-shirts



They Say – These boxer shorts fit like a second skin. The polypropylene material ensures the wearer feels dry and comfortable. Moisture is instantly transported to the outside. 

We Say – I’ve been using these underwear for the past 18 months and they’re simply the best sports underwear I’ve ever owned. Whilst wearing these I don’t need to wear vasaline and I never experience chaffing. They’re also very comfy, good for everyday wear as well and very hardwearing – the 18 month old pair are still fine, no holes or signs of any reason that they’re not still fit for use. Out of all the Gore kit I’ve used, every bit of which is excellent, this is the item that I’d say was an absolute must-have for any sportsman.

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They Say – Up to date. Short, lightweight and thin endurance running socks. Ideally worn in lightweight competition shoes. 

We Say – Difficult to say anything much about socks, only, I’ve worn them for the past six months, they haven’t got any holes is yet, I never get blisters on my longer runs (marathons and upwards) whilst using them, and since they’re black I can also get away with wearing them in everyday situations. A good buy, I reckon.

See more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/MAGNITUDE-Socks/FEMAGS,default,pd.html?dwvar_FEMAGS_color=9900&start=2&cgid=grw&q=MAGNITUDE%20Socks

MAGNITUDE Compression Tights


They Say – Perfectly in shape. Compression tights for performance runners with muscle support and vibration reduction. Mesh-inserts add for ventilation. Two back pockets for nutrition packs. 

We Say – Like the Gore compression tops these are very tight and firm, and like the tops despite that tightness they don’t restrict movement. I wore them during the London Parks Ultra and I’d say that was perfect conditions for them. It was about 12 degrees and cloudy and I felt that my muscles – thighs and calves – were well protected on the changeable surface. You can see and feel just by touching the tights and reading up about them that these are a superior make and if you combine them with the Gore underwear then you can forget all about chaffing. On a warmer day I’ll wear the Gore long trail running socks together with shorts (see our review of these products here) to support my calves whilst staying cool but for lower tempo training runs where I’m cold and injury isn’t an option, or for races in cooler conditions, then these are ideal.

See more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/MAGNITUDE-Compression-Tights/TMAGNA,default,pd.html?dwvar_TMAGNA_color=9900&start=1&cgid=grw&q=Magnitude%20tights&navid=search


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