They Say - Our functional underwear stands for light-weight, optimum comfort and good value for money. It is 100% seamless and together with the F-liteTEX knitting technology, the collection includes smart details.

F-liteTEX stands for a symbiosis of thread/fibre combinations coupled with seamless manufacture and design components. F-Lite Base Layers feature a diverse range for all occasions such as the Merino TEC 240 which will help to keep you warm on the coldest winter’s day or the MegaLight 140 to cool you down on the hottest days of summer no matter what activities you enjoy.

It is made of bamboo, ultra soft, light, pleasant on your skin – the combination of “wellness features” of natural bamboo fibres with F-keepsfresh technology make F-Organic Bamboo ideal for sporting as well as daily activities. Extra flat seams create incredible comfort. The F-lightTEX knitting technology makes it lightweight – comparable to Megalight 140 underwear.

  • The material: bamboo, polyamide, elastane
  • The features: F-keeps fresh
  • The design: F-liteTEX knitting technology, extra flat seams, minimalistic style
  • The material weight: < 140 g/m²
  • The product weight (T-Shirt): 100 g

Additional Benefits: Soft silky feel and very comfortable fit, light, fast drying, alternative to pure synthetic underwear for less strenuous activities

Discover more at www.amazon.co.uk/F-Lite-Organic-Bamboo-Layer-T-Shirt

We Say – We were interested in these t-shirts as they’re made from organic bamboo (anything that helps the world move in a more sustainable direction is something that we want to use and since bamboo doesn’t need pesticides to grow it seems a good bet, as long as the individual farmers do the right thing regarding wildlife, etc) and because they seemed perfect for our travels this winter. We started off in sunny Greece for almost three weeks and after this we headed steadily north. We’re now in Vienna and moving onto Budapest nearer to Christmas, and since we’re backpacking with one rucksack between us everything we carry has to pack down small and be multi-purpose. This shirt looked like it would do fine for general day wear in Greece whilst also acting as a warm base when the temperature dropped as we headed north.

Lamia wore it for three weeks in Athens and then more recently here in Vienna. This is what she thinks of it.


“The most amazing thing, for starters, is that I hadn’t had to wash it in all of those three weeks. And I wasn’t just wearing it to breakfast either, but for day tours around the city and also to all of the ruins. So there was a lot of climbing up to the Acropolis and other hills, yet it didn’t smell enough to wash it. So I can say for sure that the ‘F-keepsfresh’ aspect of the shirt works excellently.

It’s very comfortable. It feels like a luxurious material, very soft, and it fits nicely, making the most of my figure, so I enjoy wearing it.

It doesn’t show the dirt either, which is handy as we’re travelling with lots of things to do each day so if something doesn’t smell I don’t want to bother washing it as you would do lighter colours.

I generally feel the cold but often in Greece I was able to go out with just this base layer on, even on days when it drops to around fifteen degrees. Now we’re in Vienna and it’s about 5 degrees here. This short acts as a great layer under my sweaters and I never get cold during our 8 or 9 hour days outside.

All in all, it’s a really excellent travel base layer.”


My view is similar to Lamia’s view; this is a great shirt. It packs down to nothing, any creases that it does get fall out really quickly and easily and it looks and feels good. I have been wearing it during the day and also at night when we go out to dinner.



Like Lamia I didn’t had to wash mine whilst in Athens. But that was when I was wearing it solo, without a sweater on top of it. Now I’m wearing it under a shirt, sweater and coat I do have to wash it once every 3 days or so.

Before I left England I tried it out on a 10 mile long trail run and found that I heated up really quickly in it (within five minutes of starting the run I was up to temperature and got a bit too hot after that). I’d say that it’s going to be at it’s best for hiking and general tourism but if you do want to use it for running then do so on a cold day and bear in mind the shirt does make you sweat a lot, so wear a breathable outer shell over it.

For general travel wear I’d say this shirt can’t be beat. It’s very light, it looks good, it keeps your warm, it doesn’t need much washing at all and it’s made using a sustainable farming practice. I can’t imagine anybody interested in travel or the outdoors not wanting this shirt.

Check it out at www.amazon.co.uk/F-Lite-Organic-Bamboo-Layer-T-Shirt

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