F-Lite Ultralight 70 T-Shirt for men


They Say - The Lightest Performance Base Layer in the World! We’ve combined all our experience from amateur and world class sport together with our continuous dialogue with customers and athletes from all types of sport – analysed it and have found: The market wants LIGHTWEIGHT! With UL70 we are probably offering the lightest base layer in the world – even lighter than a granola bar!


  • Ultra lightweight t-shirt with u-neck (70g/m²)
  • Comfortable fit
  • Seamless
  • Antistatic
  • Highly breathable
  • Comfortable and dry against your skin
  • Keeps the body cool on hot days
  • Sizes available: Men M/L/XL/XXL

To discover more please visit http://www.smgeurope.com/Outdoors/product-details.cfm?p=3933&s=175

We Say – I took this top to Scotland this summer on our 3 week backpacking tour. Knowing the weather in Scotland can be changeable and that a baselayer would be invaluable the UL70, with it’s ultra light weight, was an obvious choice. Every bit of kit has to justify itself when you carry it on your back so that fact that this top is so light means I could take it along without really thinking of the effect it would have on my overall pack weight.

I found it very comfy, it wicked sweat well and it smelt fresh for days. We did the West Highland Way and then wild camped on remote Knoydart for 4 days before heading over for a week hiking in Skye and I only had to wash it once in that time. Not that I wore it EVERY day; some days it was so warm I didn’t need it and also, to be honest, the colour design wasn’t for me. It’s not too bad if worn under something else…


…but not great if it’s fully exposed, in my opinion (although I might think differently if I were a ‘Tour de France’ fan, as it does resemble the jersey worn by the climbing stage winners during the race).


Lamia grabbed it when she saw I wasn’t into the colour design and she loved it. It looked far better on her too.


From the experience we had on the 3 week tour we can say that the top is comfy, even when trekking arduous routes carrying a heavy pack, and it regulates your temperature well. I have also tried it whilst trail running and it’s ok – it’s seamless and clingy so doesn’t chaff at all – although I wouldn’t do that on a hot day as it’s ability to regulate temperature drops off as the intensity of exercise increases from hiking to running. I can’t see the colour being a hit with the British (the Italians and French probably love it though) but it you’re not bothered about polka dots then it’s a great lightweight baselayer choice.

We’ve also just got hold of some organic bamboo baselayers from F-lite which we’re testing right now, and are very impressed by. F-lite seem like a quality, forward looking brand to watch out for.

Check out this top at http://www.smgeurope.com/Outdoors/product-details.cfm?p=3933&s=175


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