Gore Bikewear Fusion Shorts, Top & Gloves


FUSION 2.0 Shorts

They Say – Rough and ready: Robustness for the downhills combined with ventilation for the uphills. Loose fit for serious off-road bikers looking for high performance.

  • 2 side zip pockets
  • Cleaning cloth in the pocket
  • Inseam length 36.5 cm / 14 inches
  • Tape with snaps at waistband for attachment with inner shorts
  • Reflective piping on front and back
  • Front zip
  • Abrasion resistant material at inside leg and saddle area
  • Front mesh inserts for ventilation, adjustable with zip
  • Button placket
  • Belt loops
  • Elastic, width-adjustable waistband with velcro
  • Reflective logo on side
  • Zip pocket on back

See them online at  http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/FUSION-2.0-Shorts/TFUSIE,default,pd.html?dwvar_TFUSIE_color=8499&start=6&cgid=gbw&q=FUSION&navid=search


We Say – I’ve been using these shorts, as well as the gloves and top, on my daily commute to and from work (it’s about 9 miles in total, mostly on road and cycle path) for the past 6 months.

They’re ideal for commuting, incredibly comfortable and quick drying. If I get rained on during the commute in to work I can hang them up in my locker happy knowing that they’ll be dry when it’s time to ride home.

Those two things are the most important details for me. A couple of other points to note though are;

  • Compared to other shorts these feel like they’re going to last 3 or 4 times as long. It’s the feel of the fabric that does it, very robust, and the fact that they haven’t changed their appearance or feel at all in the 6 months I’ve been wearing them.
  • I really like the easily adjustable waistband; there’s no fiddling like there is with a tie, you just pull the velcros out or in to adjust and that’s it.
  • They keep me warm too. I don’t feel the cold much and I have worn these from spring onwards so far. I can see myself wearing them on warmer winter days as well.


FUSION 2.0 long Gloves

They Say – Robust long finger gloves for all serious off-road cyclists who need extra protection for their hands. Keep your fingertips alive thanks to gripper fabric.

  • Velcro width adjustment
  • Foam padding on palm
  • Protectors on knuckles
  • Strengthening between thumb and forefinger for better grip
  • Absorbent material on thumb for wiping away perspiration
  • Silicone coated fingers
  • Ventilation holes at the inner side of the fingers and the hand

See the gloves online at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/FUSION-2.0-long-Gloves/GFREEO,default,pd.html?dwvar_GFREEO_color=0199&start=12&cgid=gbw&q=FUSION&navid=search


We Say – Top marks for these gloves, they keep my hands dry and warm whatever the weather and there’s no significant sign of wear (and since I’ve worn them every weekday for the last 6 months, that’s amazing). The seams are all still intact and this is usually the sort of thing that starts falling apart after a couple of months, at least with the gloves I’ve had before. Not so with these Gore Bikewear.

They’re made for more hardcore mountain biking and I can’t comment on how well they’d cope with that, although I’d guess, using my experience from the days long ago when I used to do such things, that they’d stand up well. They’ve got padding in the places you need it to be, and like the shorts they’re incredibly robust. It’s great to have a pair of gloves that you know will keep you warm and dry in the rain and cool and dry in the sun.


FUSION SE Jersey long

They Say – Airy and bold. A special edition long-sleeved shirt for the challenging mountain bike trail. Casual fit, lightweight and quick drying.

  • Concealed back zip pocket
  • Cleaning cloth in the pocket
  • Reflective print on sides
  • Short zip with semi-lock slider and underflap
  • Mesh inserts for ventilation under arms and at nape
  • Close fit collar
  • Reflective logo on front
  • Flat-lock seams

See the top online at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/FUSION-SE-Jersey-long/SLFUSP,default,pd.html?dwvar_SLFUSP_color=8435&start=6&cgid=gbw&q=FUSION


We Say – As Gore say, this top is light and airy. I didn’t sweat in it at the height of summer and just as importantly, even on cold days when I have a baselayer under it, I don’t sweat then either – the ventilation is great. This is obviously really important if I’m on my way to work, I don’t want to arrive all wet and sweaty, and thanks to this top I don’t.

I like it’s casual look – I don’t want to look like a pro cyclist all decked out in tight lycra on the way to work, and I don’t have the figure to dress like that any more even if I did want to! – so the relaxed fit is ideal for me.

I would like the zip on the front to be longer, to aid with ventilation on more challenging days when a bit more air would help, and also, the sleeves don’t have thumb inserts, which would be handy in colder weather to bring top down to meet glove. But then again, this isn’t a cold weather commuter top, it’s just me using it for that, and actually, when winter comes I’ll be pairing this with a Gore Bikewear out jacket so hopefully this won’t be an issue at all.

The pockets are secure; I put my ID in them, and house keys, without worry they may fall out. Obviously these easily reached pockets are very handy; it’s no fun having to delve about in the rucksack in the half light of early morning, or evening, to find keys or ID and with this top I don’t have to.

Overall, I’d like to say that the most important qualities that this Gore Bikewear kit have, for me, are that it all keeps me comfy and dry, whatever the weather, and if it happens to get soaking wet I know I just have to hang it up and it’ll be dry again by the time it comes to wear home. Even if it’s still raining hard outside, I like to get into dry gear even if I know I’m going to get soaked again in a matter of minutes.

I realise that this 6 month long test isn’t the most scientific way of telling if a bit of kit is good or not. But then again, most of us aren’t scientists, or even top mountain bikers. We just want quality kit that’s going to keep us comfy and dry and which will last a long time. My test has illustrated to me that this set of shorts, gloves and top are by far the best bikewear I’ve ever used. The construction is robust, the feel is soft to the skin, the water proofing and wicking is superb and the style relatively timeless. I feel that it’s fair to say that wether you’re a commuter like me or a more hardcore mountain biker, Gore Bikewear is brilliant kit that’ll serve you well, and definitely worth the pricetag.

See the full range of cycling wear at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/

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