JACK WOLFSKIN AFFINITY Weatherproof Jacket Women & Men



They Say -

  • Waterproof, windproof
  • Breathable
  • Very hard-wearing
  • Short length

With this waterproof, breathable hooded hiking jacket, colours and durability are brought to life outdoors: The very close weave of the weatherproof outer material can withstand a great deal, even contact with rocks or thorns. Alongside its durability, the AFFINITY stands out with its colour-contrasting accents.

  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • TEXAPORE 2L Integrated
  • ULTRA LIGHT HOOD, adjustable in terms of size and field of vision
  • Two side pockets and a sleeve pocket with extremely water-repellent zips, inside pocket

See the jackets online here http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk


We Say – We wore these jackets for 3 weeks in Scotland recently. Here’s what we think; Lamia’s view first, then mine.

“I have worn this jacket for 25 days whilst hiking in the Scottish highlands this past August, in the constantly wet rain that Scotland’s well-known for. In that time, whilst I’ve worn it, my body hasn’t gotten wet once. When the rain touches the jacket it forms little water droplets which then slide off or just disappear completely. Even when I’m out in it for hours, when I go to get inside the tent I just have to shake it off and the water drops away, which prevents my dry things inside from getting wet. As any camper knows, the tent is your sanctuary and you’ve got to keep it, and your spare clothes, dry at all costs.



The jacket fits me very well, it’s a size M and I’m typically a UK 8-10, so it’s roomy enough for me to layer sweaters and base layers under it, and even for my camera to take shelter in to prevent it from getting wet. There’s lots of pockets as well, spacious and deep, so I can put most of my things away, (phone, papers, tissues, money) and still keep my hands in there to get warm. I was able to even keep my gloves tucked into the pockets when it got really cold during my trip, so I was glad to have such deep and ample pockets. Again, none of these things I mention ever got wet.

In terms of warmth, it’s a very good summer jacket, which it’s meant to be, but up in Scotland I definitely had to layer it with the Jack Wolfskin fleece to keep warm. I don’t think it can be used for outside of the summer season in Europe or North America; it’s perfect for keeping you dry during a rainy hike but it’s only suitable for the summer and maybe spring and autumn if you have a few layers under it.

The hoodies a great feature to this jacket, it’s adjustable from both sides and the back, making it quite a snug fit and preventing the wind from knocking it back, whilst the ribbed end rim of the hood creates a sort of ledge for the water droplets to fall smoothly off and away from my face. That was very handy for hiking in the rain, keeping my head and face dry.


This jacket dealt well with me wearing it for three weeks straight, it hardly had any dirt or wear marks, didn’t smell much at all, and didn’t retain any stains or water mark/damage. That was great really; when you’re hiking in the same clothes day in and day out it’s a true relief to own something that doesn’t stink!


The inner material of this jacket is breathable and kept me quite cool on the hotter days of the hiking journey. The double zipper went up all the way to my chin to protect from the wind and cool, and at the top of the zippers, there’s a soft, mesh cover that protects your chin from the zipper, which was a great feature as it felt quite comfortable and did it’s job of preventing the zipper and Velcro not scratching my chin.

This Jack Wolfskin jacket is superbly useful for hiking in the rain with a backpack, keeping me safe from the wind and rain and cool and comfortable on hotter days. Without this jacket, I’m certain my three week hiking trip would’ve been a lot less enjoyable”.



I like the fact that this jacket doesn’t rustle as you walk, like so many do. There are also no useless pockets, everything has a purpose. It could do with some pit zips though (zips under the arms that allow air flow) as after every 8 hour hike in the rain my t-shirt was usually soaked, not from the rain as none of that got in but from my sweat. That maybe a bit harsh of me as I was carrying over 25kg on my back most days and it was hard going, so it’s inevitable that I’m going to sweat, but I thought that the jacket could’ve dealt with this better.

I wore it around the campfire a lot and it didn’t retain the smell of the fire, which is a good point. You don’t want to be stinking like a bonfire when you’re transiting on a public bus or ferry from one wilderness to another.


I liked the way the jacket surface didn’t hold moisture. As Lamia says, when we entered the tent after a day in the rain we just had to shake the jackets off in the porch and lay them over the rucksacks and they didn’t drip at all.

I wore my camera around my neck and underneath the jacket on most days hiking so I didn’t have to stop to get it out (there was so much nice scenery about I was taking photos all the time). Even after a full day of constant rain, the camera didn’t get wet, so we can say for sure that the jacket keeps water out, 100%.

Layered with a decent fleece, this is a very good waterproof hiking jacket.

See the jackets online here http://www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk


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