Dr. Hauschka Deodorant


They Say - RRP: £12.00 

Description: This formula combines witch hazel and sage extracts to absorb odour without clogging pores or disturbing the natural skin flora. Good skin compatibility has been proven in dermatological tests.

See more at http://www.dr.hauschka.com/en_GB/products/sage-deodorant/

We Say - I’m always on the hunt for natural skincare products to suit my sensitive skin so when I learned about this deodorant, I had to try it out. Dr. Hauschka pride themselves on using 100% natural ingredients in their products and take a holistic approach to their business and practice. Here’s a quote from their website;

“…we take the time to look at the repercussions and ramifications our actions/decisions may have on our skin, our health, our communities and planet: Our products are certified natural, containing the highest-quality plant and mineral ingredients; We carefully choose every ingredient based on its individual effects on the skin, as well as the way it interacts with other ingredients; We carefully research every plant’s origin, making sure it comes from an ecologically and ethically sound source; We carefully design and manufacture packaging that enables us to keep our products free of artificial preservatives”.

I was pleased about using their products after reading that they take such good care of where their ingredients are coming from and what they put into their goods.

I’ve been using this Dr. Hauschka deodorant for over a month now and I haven’t had a skin reaction! That may sound odd but I do have extremely sensitive skin and the most innocent looking creams or lotions can have me break out in rashes, hives or even mild eczema! That’s part of the reason why I seek out more natural products to use in my daily beauty routine. That’s why I’m pleased to say that Dr. Hauschka has passed my ‘extremely-sensitive-skin’ test!

I like the roll-on application a lot as I pretty much completely avoid using stick deodorants mainly because they leave white stains on my clothes and that’s reason enough. This deodorant doesn’t stain any of my clothes and glides on smooth, with the texture of lotion or body milk. I enjoy that luxurious feeling and it feels quite moisturizing, especially after a shave. I can almost feel it’s healing powers tingling into action. The deodorant is completely non-sticky, with a subtle floral scent, not at all overpowering or chemical smelling.

I’ve been using it whilst at home, out camping and also on a general tourism trip to Rome. I say general tourism but it was more of a fashion trip for me as I don’t get much chance to wear pretty dresses nowadays so it was really important that I felt fresh during my 8 days there, and thanks to this deodorant, I did.

I know for certain that I pretty much will never go back to drugstore brand deodorants after using products from brands like Dr. Hauschka, which are good for the environment and my body. I’m happy to have this deodorant in my collection and can’t wait to try all the other products Dr. Hauschka make!

Read more about this deodrant, and find out how to buy it, here - http://www.dr.hauschka.com/en_GB/products/sage-deodorant/

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