BLOC Eyewear Hurricane Sunglasses



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A classic soft aviator with a very complimentary shape.  Conforms to EU Standard BS EN 1836 : 2005 + A1:2007

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We Say – We’ve been using these glasses for the last 3 months during our backpacking travels through Asia, Africa and Europe. I say ‘we’ as they’re  unisex; you can see Lamia using them above, and me below.



I really like them for the following reasons.

1/ They offer near total coverage. When I’m wearing them I can’t see any sky out of the top or bottom and only a very little out of the sides.

2/ They fit close to the head and never feel in danger of slipping down, or falling off if I’m being extra active.

3/ They’re very robust. We’ve been travelling with them for 3 months and they’re not scratched. I can’t say we’re that careful with them either. We’re often popping in and out of buildings as we sight-see, meaning we go from places we need the glasses to shady places when we take them off and put them in our trouser pockets or bags. The bag that they come in is thin so they’re only protected from the lightest of mistreatment and yet, as I said, they’re still in great shape.

4/ They look good for a variety of occasions. From Moroccan village to Rome city centre, they’re never out of place.

We recommend these glasses. We’ve been using Bloc for our sports glasses for years and now we’re happy to use them for our general travel wear too.


To see these online please visit


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