Anatom Q3 Hiking Boot



When support and comfort is demanded while hiking in the toughest of environments our Q3 is there to deliver mountain performance. Because we’ve selected the best Italian 2.5mm full grain leather the Q3 is able to keep the feet warm and dry while protecting them from the rough terrain underfoot. This combined with our unique tri.aria™ performance system plus the incredible support offered by the mid-sole gives the mountain walker real confidence underfoot. Features & Benefits

·       100% waterproof and breathable tri.aria® liner is engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable – even in extreme conditions

  • A full-grain, all-leather upper provides outstanding waterproof protection while the calf leather padded collar offers ankle comfort
  • Calibrated midsole system provides excellent lateral and torsional stability whilst ensuring the appropriate level of flex for this supportive trekking boot
  • Vibram® Grivola outsole provides natural movement, stability, grip and thrust for the foot
  • Three-part aluminium speed lace and hook combination system for a secure, true fit and quick entry and removal of the boot
  • Natural Lambswool footbeds are deeply padded for all day comfort and are naturally anti-microbial
  • Product lifetime guarantee

Fit Notes

  • Narrow, snug heel
  • Wider forefoot
  • Generous toe box height
  • Natural rocker

Lasts available

  • Comfort Lastâ„¢ – will suit a standard to wider foot

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We Say – From the moment I put on these hiking boots, I knew they were very special. To begin with, they looked like my dream hiking boots. When I was younger and dreamt of hiking in the mountains, I had an image of how I wanted to look like and these boots presented themselves to me exactly as I had imagined.

I didn’t have any time to wear them in so the first time I took them out the box was to wear them on a month long backpacking trip to Scotland, where we were to tackle the West Highland Way, the remote peninsula of Knoydart and the Isle of Skye.


On my second day in Scotland I wore them hiking up Conic Hill, which is near Loch Lomond, and I was very pleased at how comfortable my feet felt through the ascent and descent, so much so that I barely had any trouble on the climb. I know that a pleasant climb isn’t entirely based on the quality of my shoes, but it’s a lot to do with a positive climbing experience.


The next part of the trip was hiking alongside Loch Lomond on the West Highland Way and then onto the Highlands, where I walked for 8-10 hours each day for 8 days on often wet, boggy and slippery surfaces. After that trail finished, I wore them hiking in the most remote part of mainland Britain, Knoydart, and following that, a 6 day camping and hiking trip on the Isle of Skye. I listed my destinations to give you an idea of the different sorts of places we visited in Scotland and the challenges each place might have for my feet. At the end of the 27 day journey in Scotland I didn’t have a single blister anywhere on my foot, and considering how soft and untrained my feet are for walking (I go hiking once a year at most), that’s really great.


It also rained pretty much everyday during our hiking trip and my feet never got wet once. There were a couple of times I had sunk into boggy grass or had to wade through low streams and I was wondering if my socks would get wet, which obviously isn’t very nice on long walks, but after reaching camp and taking my boots off I was almost shocked to realize that my socks/feet weren’t even damp! Incredible, really.


It was great to wear a product so tough in its waterproof quality that the constant rain of Scotland hasn’t had any impact on the boots.

During the long hours of hiking in the Highlands my feet felt very secure and comfortable. I didn’t slip even once whilst scrambling or walking over slippery rocks. There’s a phenomenal grip on the base of the shoes that you can feel gripping onto every surface and it’s a very safe feeling to have that. Considering that this was my first ever long-distance walking trip, I was feeling confident very quickly into the walk that I wasn’t going to slip due to my boots as long as I was careful and used proper caution on the wet bits of the walks. The arches of my feet were hurting after about halfway through my trip just because I had never done that kind of long-distance walking before and my feet weren’t used to it, but if I didn’t have the deep padding and cushioned soles in the hardy boots, I’m sure I would’ve suffered much more than I did.


My laces have never come undone whilst I was walking which was a great relief, as walking with a heavy pack, stopping to do up your laces really would slow you down. Another amazing thing about these boots is that they never smelled bad right up until the last week of the journey, and even then, the smell was pretty subtle considering the rough and constant wear they endured. The boots are very well ventilated, so my feet never got too hot or sweaty whilst still keeping my feet warm and comfortable on cooler days or resting by a loch or beach.


Overall, these are really wonderful hiking boots. They look really great and stylish, they definitely stand up to rough wear and hard walking and they’ll be my go-to boots when I need something sturdy and trustworthy to walk in. I’m so glad I have these hiking boots; I plan to wear them for life!

To see the Anatom Q3 online, please visit

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