Gore Running Sunlight Lady Top & Pants

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They Say - GORE SUNLIGHT LADY Top – Running top for summer with racerback for the fashionable fitness runner. Fabric draped at the front with a comfortable fit around the hips. • Thin and soft fabric • Draped fabric at chest • Racerback for optimum freedom of movement • Reflective print on back • Reflective print on back

See it at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/SUNLIGHT-LADY-Top/ISUNTT,default,pd.html?dwvar_ISUNTT_color=2316&start=7&cgid=grw&q=SUNLIGHT%20grw

GORE SUNLIGHT LADY Pants – ¾ Fashionable. 3/4 slim pants with knee-cuffs for the fashionable female fitness runner. Tight fit on hips, straight cut on thighs for a fresh look. Soft and lightweight material with a comfortably wide waistline. Soft, wide and elastic waistband, adjustable with cord • 2 hip pockets • Reflective print on back • Thin and soft fabric.

See it at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/SUNLIGHT-LADY-Pants-3/4/TSUNPQ,default,pd.html?dwvar_TSUNPQ_color=2317&start=4&cgid=grw&q=SUNLIGHT%20grw&navid=search

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We Say – This outfit is versatile, stylish and functional, with the high-quality standards that I’ve come to expect from Gore after using their biking wear on our coast to coast Sri Lankan cycle ride.

I have worn the top and pants in Sri Lanka whilst running along the beach and in England I’ve continued using them for yoga and gym work as well as finding them comfy for wearing out in town and lounging about the house. I love how comfortable and soft the material feels on my skin. The material is non-itchy and the waistline of the pants don’t hug my hips too tight but are still very secure, there’s no pulling or tugging around the midrift. This is great for running as the pants don’t slide down my hips or feel loose when I’m on the move.

The racerback top is well thought out as it doesn’t limit shoulder and arm movement when running as well as looking good when used for leisure wear. I really do like the fashion aspect of this outfit, it’s certainly not an outfit that has to be limited to being worn in the gym.

The pants are a relaxed cut, with ¾ length legs that hug just below the knee. This sort of loose fit frees me to stretch out nicely during yoga or sat down on the floor, as well as looking causal but nice out on the town. The top is just as comfortable, a loose fit that cinches just under the bust line for that feminine touch. The colours of the pants and top combined are complimentary, grey pants with blue and yellow accents, and a blue top with orange and navy accents.

I feel comfortable wearing this outfit knowing that they’ve got the Gore running wear resilience whilst still being very comfortable and fashionable. They move and flow with my body, stretch when I need them to stretch and stay put when I’m moving around. A very easy-going combination of sports clothes that are definitely suitable for outside of the sports world.

Finally, they’ve been washed about 20 times, much of that by hand and then wrung out and dried in the sun, and they haven’t deteriorated in appearance at all. I’m very impressed by that, it proves they’re very sturdy, and well constructed.

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To discover more about Gore Running Wear, please visit http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/

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