They Say – Get acquainted with this cool, casual hooded top that’s ideal for hot-climate travel. The hoody’s design features 2 lower pockets with additional security pocket and full-length front zip. Permanently sun-protective and insect-repellent, NosiLife Sirena Hoody makes the perfect cover-up when the sun dips and mossies descend. Our ground-breaking NosiLife adventure travel clothing collection includes lightweight, agile and packable shirts, trousers, tops and tees designed to protect and perform brilliantly in hot climates. • 2 zipped pockets • NosiLife polyester cotton elastane jersey 324g • Main:61% polyester 36% cotton 3% elastane, hood lining: 62% cotton • ton 35% polyester 3% elastane

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We Say – My search for a versatile, comfortable and stylish hoodie has ended!

I love this Sirena hoodie and have used it extensivly for the last three months on my travels through three different continents. Starting in Sri Lanka I’ve worn it on cooler nights, temperatures around 25 degrees or so, and it was the perfect top layer; I didn’t overheat in the tropical climate but was still shielded from that little night cool (well, 25 degrees doesn’t sound cool but when daytime is around 35 it does seem it).


Whilst in Sri Lanka I also wore it up top a 2200m mountain (Adam’s Peak) to protect me from the cold and also as something comfortable to sleep in at night (we had to rest for 2 nights at pilgrim’s shelter where we just had concrete floors to sleep in). I also wore it at our very humble and modest village home stay (the family we stayed with was quite poor economically but absolutely wonderful and so welcoming) in Sri Lanka where there were a fair amount of mosquitoes buzzing around at night (I didn’t get bitten once).

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Whilst wearing it in Morocco and Spain I had the same reliable experiences. The hoody doesn’t need much washing as it has never smelled during my three months of wearing it; typically I’d wear the hoodie on cooler nights, so I may have worn it a couple of times a week.

I also like that it’s light and doesn’t weigh me down whilst I’m hiking or just wearing it out. A lot of hoodies can be quite weighty in their material and it’s ok to wear that kind of thing if you’re just going to be staying in at home but when you’re travelling, you’re clothes not only have to be multifunctional but lightweight as well, so it’s perfect for travelling to hot countries with.

It’s pockets are deep and secure, and the secret pockets means I was able to carry my phone, keys and important bits of paper and not have to worry about things falling out or being easily stolen. The hoodys’ visual versatility means I can wear it whilst hiking, going out to town or just lounging at home on a lazy night in; these are the kind of clothes I want when I’m travelling – one article of clothing that can cover multiple occasions.

There’s also a men’s version that Dave wore a lot in Sri Lanka.

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