Ultrasun Sports 20 Formula – all day protection


They Say - Ultrasun Sports 20 delivers very high all day protection (UVA 91% and UVB SPF20) with just one application. The non-greasy, clear liquid is really easy to apply and it’s ideal for all outdoor, watersports and gardening enthusiasts. It is especially suitable for use on the scalp for thinning or receding hair.

No mess, no nonsense high protection. It is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy. Like other ultrasun products, it is non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use.

At Ultrasun, we are passionate about sun care and protecting your skin from the harmful effects of over-exposure to the sun’s rays. We don’t do make-up, we don’t do cosmetics, we don’t do fragrance – just the most effective, the most efficient sun protection you can buy.

With Ultrasun, just one application a day, delivers long lasting, high level protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Our products are free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making them especially suitable for children and sensitive skins. They are non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use. They are ideal for everyone in the family from sporty dads and lads to wriggly tots and tiresome teenagers … not to mention busy mums, high on good intentions but low on available time!!

Ultrasun once-a-day products are suitable for the whole family and protect you while you tan. Ultrasun products are not tested on animals.

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We Say – I’ve been using this factor 20 sports sunscreen (it’s called a formula as it’s just a liquid really, not a cream or a gel) for the past 2 months in Morocco and now here in the UK summer. I used the ultrasun factor 50 sports cream before this for a month in Sri Lanka to get me used to being in the sun and the combination worked excellently. I covered 650kms outside in Sri Lanka and then about 300km in Morocco and I never got sun burn once, or anything close to it, even though my runs in Morocco were all about 6 miles long and through harsh terrain in temperatures that rarely dipped below 30 degrees C.



Apart from keeping me safe from sunburn, the cream doesn’t sting when sweat brings it down from my forehead into my eyes. This is so important, obviously you don’t want stinging, squinting eyes when you’ve got a few miles to go in a training or race situation.

Another point about this sun formula, and a unique one as far as I know, is that it’s thin enough to rub into thinning hair. I didn’t need to bother about this when I was running during training as I always wear a cap but when I race I tend to wear a head camera (to record the race highlights for Trek and Run) so it’ll come in very useful for those times when I start racing again this autumn. A marathon takes me around 3.15 hours and having the top of my head exposed for that amount of time isn’t great under normal conditions, so this product will help immensly with that. It also helped me recently when I went swimming…


It was a mile long swim across a busy shipping channel here in southern England (don’t try this at home! Unless you have a safety canoe with you to warn off the speedboats and jetskis, like I did). The water is clean-ish but I didn’t want to put my head under if I could help it so for about 40 minutes I had my head above the water. I don’t like to wear a swimming cap so this meant my head was fully exposed for all this time. The fact that I could rub this waterproof sun formula right into my scalp through my hair as well as putting it on my forehead and ears was a great help, and it certainly stopped me getting a sunburn.


And when I got to the island I was aiming for, I didn’t need to re-apply the formula, I just got changed into dry clothes and got on with setting up my tent and camping kit.


My wife Lamia suffers from eczema and usually can’t use any sun screen but she can use Ultrasun on her arms and legs, so although her face is exposed (if she puts anything on there she gets a bad skin rash) it’s certainly better than what any other sunscreen has achieved so far. With most of them she only has to put them on her arms for her face to puff up; with Ultrasun at least part of her is protected.

So, the Ultrasun Sports 20 Formula gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Ultrasun also do an aftersun product which I’ve been using constantly for the past 3 months. I never got a sunburn, as I’ve said, but I’ve put it on after showering as a moisturizer. I even use it as an aftershave balm, and it works fine (it’s good to have a multipurpose use for your toiletries and other kit if possible, when you’re backpacking).

All of their products are eco friendly, as you can read in their description above. They’re also not tested on animals. So if you’re looking for a brand that works in extreme situations, is good for your skin and for the environment too, consider Ultrasun.

You can find out about all these products at the Ultrasun website here - http://ultrasun.co.uk/

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