They Say – The TH9 Tilley Hemp Hat, designed with a broad down-sloping brim, is made from a breathable hemp fabric that is naturally resistant to UV light, mould, mildew and salt water. Although the Hemp Hats have a soft linen-like look they have a ‘tough as nails attitude’. The TH9 Hemp Hat comes with three different colour hatbands. Hemp – Nature’s performance fabricâ„¢.

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We Say - As a Canadian I feel very strongly about the Tilley brand in general, especially when I wear them around the world. Everybody who knows anything about quality travel clothing knows that Tilley is made in Canada so at times during the past 3 months it’s almost like I’ve been wearing my nationality on my head as I’ve travelled between 3 continents.

Tilley are known for making some of the best hats that money can buy and the Tilley Hemp hat doesn’t disappoint; I’ve worn it every single day for the last three months in Sri Lanka, Morocco and Spain in a variety of different temperatures and wind speeds and it’s protected me fantastically. I suffer from eczema which means I can’t wear sun cream on my face at all so I needed a decent sun hat when we were outside all day in bright, 30 degree sun; the fact that I never got sunburn at all is a testament to how good this hat is.

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Conditions were especially testing on our long walks under the hot desert sun in Morocco and the dry, humid heat of the East coast of Sri Lanka; not once did my head feel too hot.

One of the things that were very useful was the wind straps attached to the hat; one of the straps you wear under your chin and the other behind your neck. Together they ensure that the hat will stay on in all but the fiercest wind. It was really reassuring to know that when the wind blew really hard and I was holding hiking poles or busy using my camera, I didn’t have to worry about my hat flying off. Tilley do offer a money back guarantee against loss but still, I really didn’t want to loose my hat whilst out there in the wilds, and thanks to the wind straps I never did.

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Another thing I love about this hat is that it’s made of hemp and therefore supporting our much-needed restoration of the natural balance of the Earth, little bits at a time. I’ve never worn a hemp hat before but this hat was very comfortable on my head. It never scratched or felt itchy, it stayed put on my head at all times (windy days included) and always kept my head cool. I always knew that hemp was a really good material to make clothes out of and am proud to know that my first introduction to hemp clothing is through Tilley.

During my three months of daily usage of the hat, I’ve washed it about three or four times just in the hotel sinks and then hung it up to dry at night and it was always ready to wear in the mornings. That’s one of the things I love about this hemp hat, that I never had to worry or fuss about taking care with it. If it got a bit of mud, sweat or sea salt on it…

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…I knew that it’d be really easy to wash off. When you’re travelling for a lengthy period of time, these little things really do make your trip that much nicer.

It’s very easy to carry too, you don’t need to worry about laying it flat or anything like that. You just stuff it into whatever space you have in your bag and when you get it out again hours later you just whack it on your leg a couple of times and it falls back into shape.

In my overall experience of wearing the Tilley hat I’d say that it’s a fantastic choice to take on hikes, leisure activities and general tourism. It kept me protected from the sun and the wind, felt very secure and comfortable on my head and I was very proud to have sported a part of my nation of Canada whilst globetrotting away! I’m off to rainy Scotland next week for a 3 week backpacking trip and I’ll be taking this hat with me. Wearing it in the monsoon in Sri Lanka showed me that it was great in dealing with rain, keeping the drops out of my eyes, and I reckon it’ll be well used when we’re walking the West Highland Way.

To discover me, please visit http://www.tilley.com/uk_en/th9-womens-hemp.html


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