Platypus Platy Bottle, Soft Bottle and Holster


Platy Bottle


They Say - The Platy™ Bottle is our original collapsible water bottle. It holds two liters and comes with a simple threaded cap that’s compatible with Platy accessories. Like all Platy bottles, it’s 100% taste-free.

  • Lightweight and packable – 80% less weight and bulk than a hard bottle
  • Taste-free and BPA-free for clean drinking
  • Food-grade liner with rugged exterior is pliable and durable
  • Freestanding design is stable and easy to use

Compatible with any threaded Platy lid or drink tube.

Soft Bottle


They Say - There’s not a hard bottle out there that’s cleaner, greener, and more flexible than a Platypus SoftBottle. Each one comes with our Clean-Taste Guarantee™ and it’s made with zero BPA. The SoftBottle is green, too, because it’s ultra-reusable and lightweight, it uses less energy and materials.

Finally, your SoftBottle defines flexible. It fits in a drink holder, a round pocket, a flat pocket, or any hand. When empty, it rolls up and fits anywhere you want it to fit. Plus, it weighs 80% less than hard hydration bottles.

Available with Closure Cap, Push-Pull Cap (select models), or our new dual-valve HyperFlowâ„¢ Cap (select models)



They Say - Keep your Platy plusBottle reservoir just the way you like it—be it warm, cool or just handy—with this insulated carrier. A tough exterior is reinforced with no-slip Cordura®, and features a handy strap for urban power-walks or running. It also fits easily over waist belts and pack straps for on-the-go convenience while hiking and backpacking. Sized to fit the included 1L plusBottle reservoir, a snap-locked side zip makes getting it in and out a…snap.

We Say – We’ve been using these bottles on our travels the past 3 months through Sri Lanka and Morocco. There were several reasons why we chose to take them with us and why we think you should consider using them.

  1. We didn’t want to drink the tap water but didn’t want to keep buying plastic bottles of water either. The world is filling up with waste plastic, it’s a serious problem that will soon effect us all, so why contribute to it if you don’t have to?
  2. It’s cheaper to buy just a couple of these bottles than to keep buying drinking water.
  3. They give you a great space saving – when you’ve emptied them they can roll up and take up hardly any room at all.
  4. They don’t crunch up and split when you’ve packed them into the side of your rucksack and then sit on them accidentally like regular plastic bottles do.
  5. The holster keeps your fluids cool for about 3 hours. This doesn’t seem like much time but it was very welcome when desert trekking or canoeing.



The most important observations gained from the 3 months of use is that the bottles never deteriorated and their tops stayed on and didn’t leak. I should also say that I’ve had another one of the Platy Bottles for 3 years and have used it consistently during that time and whilst the appearance may appear scuffed it still works fine. During that time it has been left outside the tent in winter and frozen solid several times, yet this hasn’t affected it performance.

The Platy Bottle is most useful for transporting fluid when you’re hiking or when you have time to open the top to drink. For other activities when you want to drink without taking the bottle top off because you don’t want to bother with the top or you fear loosing it then the Soft Bottle is preferable, because you can just bite the end of the top, which opens the valve, and then suck the fluid out.

We never used the holster for anything other than keeping liquids cool, and for this it was worthwhile. It was easy to pick up and never slipped out of my hands when I was pouring.

When we were overseas we filtered our water through a ‘Water To Go’ bottle and then decanted it into these Platy and Soft Bottles. When you consider what the filter and bottles cost our water was much cheaper than if we had to continually buy spring water, we didn’t contribute to the world’s plastic waste problem and we could guarantee that what we was drinking was fresh and healthy (which is something you can’t say about lots of spring water you buy overseas, where bottle lids are frequently tampered with and bottles refilled with contaminated tap water). Do your pocket, your health and the world a favour and consider taking these bottles along on your next overseas trip.

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