The Platypus DUTHIE AM 12 Hydration Pack

by Lamia Hossain


They Say - Just like you’d expect from an all mountain pack, the Duthie AM 12 does it all. Nine liters of gear storage and a 3-liter Big Zip SL reservoir easily handle just about anything you could pull off in a day. An external stuff pocket offers quick access and stash-ability, while compression straps carry body armor or let you shrink the pack down for shorter rides.

KEY FEATURES: 3.0L Big Zipâ„¢ SL Reservoir – Nine liters of gear storage – Body Armor/compression straps – Ventilated suspension Cool-riding narrow profile – Three-position stashable waistbelts – Independent hydration pocket – Tool organization – Multiple hose routing options – Helmet/accessory lash points  - Reflective detailing – Light loop

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We Say – I wanted a versatile bag to use on my 650km, month long cycling and hiking trip to Sri Lanka. It had to be suitable for both the activities I was going to do and also spacious enough to carry my camera, a rainjacket (it was monsoon season for the first 2 weeks of the trip), a notebook, sunscreen and insect repellent, a couple of litres of water in the bladder, keys, money belt and also little snacks and sometimes my hat and a second layer. So, that’s a lot of things to go in a little daybag but I’m happy to say that this Duthie 12 dealt with my belongings extremely well, while still being very lightweight and usable.

I used the Duthie every day whilst cycling (we were mostly on tar or hardpacked  roads and had a support vehicle but we still have to carry all the kit I’ve mentioned as our van only met up with us every few hours)…

adams peak nik 185

…and also for short day hikes through paddy fields and jungle.

day 3 to sadiel nik 064

day 3 to sadiel nik 083

This is me looking back over the route one day. It had taken us 4 hours to get to this point and we each had to carry all our water. Since it was about 35 degrees I was so glad my bag’s hydration bladder held 3 litres. I emptied it that day!

day 3 to sadiel nik 242

I also used it for 3 days hike up and down Adam’s Peak, which is Sri Lanka’s holiest mountain. The climb up to the top was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (2,200m through boulders and rocks, river and jungle as well as a final series of killer stairways and evenings spent not-sleeping on the concrete floors of pilgrims shelter!) and I was really glad that my bag didn’t weigh much and fitted well as if it hadn’t that definitely would’ve made the climb that much more difficult. I was even starting to feel sorry for my climb partner Hanna as she had a normal sized sports shoulder bag and that was clearly too uncomfortable and cumbersome, as she had to keep taking it off everytime we stopped.

adams peak nik main 250

adams peak nik main 235

The Duthie bag dealt well with the monsoon rain that poured on us in Sri Lanka as my things inside never got wet. I liked how secure and lightweight it felt when I had the strap attached at my waist and the shoulder straps tightened correctly.

day 3 to sadiel nik 177

The outside of the bag is very easy and quick to clean. One time, I had stored a banana in the front outside pocket in the morning to have as a snack later in the afternoon, and of course, I had forgotten all about it. Three days later, I notice the front of my bag is wet, so I stick my hand in and find a very squished little banana! That’s three days in the humid and extremely hot Sri Lankan heat. Without emptying my bag (we were in the middle of the day’s cycling at the time) I cleaned out the squashed banana, poured water down the front pocket of the bag and then stuck a lot of tissue in that pocket to soak up all the remnants. Next day, I took out the tissue paper and the pocket was good and clean! It didn’t retain a musty smell and I didn’t see any bugs feasting inside, so that was good enough for me, and also, the mess outside did not affect my belongings at all inside of the bag.

After a month of using the bag it still looks new and clean, even though I did rough handle it a lot throughout the month. There’s no visible wear and tear and the bag doesn’t smell or have any dirt marks on it. The Duthie bag served me really well on my trip to Sri Lanka and I’ll be looking forward to using it again next time I go cycling and hiking and need a really reliable little day bag!

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